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Zone Two Three | The eternal shadow of Carl Hall in Wichita

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That is magical college basketball knows that. Not only by the results and by the surrounding environment, but also for the opportunities it offers. In the NCAA Tournament with programs involving universities could well qualify as NBA, with players whose projection reaches the star, and also participate in other facilities with lowliest programs, with players as much aspire to make a living in professional basketball in Europe , away from the spotlight. Players whose peak of prominence comes at that same tournament.

Photo Daniel Shirey / USA TODAY Sports

Within this second group, or even a subgroup in which we talk about people who will never again be players, is Carl Hall. Hall belonged to the discipline Saturday basketball team Wichita State. To speak of him is to talk, without fail, on your computer. One either.

I plead quasi layman. To follow the NCAA requires dedication long time and even higher. But, as far as it goes, try to inform me before March Madness and observe as many games as possible once the NCAA Tournament starts. Hardly knew a thing or two Wichita State in March. Today, like almost all who follow basketball, I know several things.

Until last month, the Shockers recognized for its curious nickname and Joe Ragland's past, present basis of UCAM Murcia, and JT Durley, a player who already has two years contesting the LEB Oro The nickname comes from Wheatshockers, the original nickname emerged in 1904. By then, the players of the football team made money collecting wheat in the fields near the college campus. That is, made ​​some money 'shocking' Wichita fields.

Although that name was never established as an officer in 1948 was formalized in Shockers, which remains to this day. To clarify its origin, and to show pride of heritage and past university, Wichita State University as an image took two leaves of wheat. So forget about link this nickname with the idea of ​​shock, surprise, it has absolutely nothing to do.

Wichita State entered the NCAA Tournament with seed, that is, with a 'position' number 9 after signing a register during the course of 26-8. In the first round they faced Pittsburgh, No. 8. The Shockers were higher and with a great second half managed to defeat the team of Tray Woodall, who finished with 2 points and 1/12 in shooting-into the next round.

A round in which expected Gonzaga, one of the No. 1 NCAA Tournament and also the number 1 in the country. The finish seemed crazy to Wichita State championship in those instances, however, in one of the biggest surprises of the tournament, surprised Marhsall Gregg Bulldogs Kevin Pangos and Kelly Olynyk. The University of Missouri Valley Conference, one with low sill but passes another round.

In the following, in a duel of 'Cinderellas', ended with La Salle by 18 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists the basis Malcolm Armstead, one of the team's top players. A player who set aside a full scholarship to Oregon in favor of a part-time job at a car wash to play under Gregg Marshall. No scholarship, because there was, spent months in debt in order to wear the shirt of the Shockers. His story certainly far from bright stars for weeks to decide which college to attend.


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