FOX College Sports TV schedule

Google Fiber adds more channels (here's the list)
Equalizer Soccer – NWSL, Fox Sports announce national TV schedule

YouTube is not the only product for which Google channels will be expanded. Google announced today that Google Fiber is its lineup for new channels.

Google Fiber product manager Larry Yang wrote on the Google Fiber blog:

Whether you are looking for stock tips or training advice, whether you're looking to make your holiday shopping lists or in search of tick shows for the kids, if you want to catch some football or some Fútbol, ​​we have you covered.

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The deadline for Google's "Dub's Dread" customers choose their Google Fiber service plans.


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Cable/Satellite TV?????

2007-06-26 15:13:10 by ELT

So all of these teams leagues are starting their own networks,
NFL network
The Baseball Channel
now there are college conference networks in the works
BIG TEN (11) network
So will in the next few years all of these owners of the content start their own networks and pull programing from ESPN and the networks.
Will the we end up with 4 or 5 different niche all sport networks on our cable/satellite packages, some national i.e. the NFL network and NBATV and some local?
My prediction is that there will be an expansion in the next few years and then a few years on a round of mergers, where we'll see for example two conference merging their networks were there is over lap lets say ACC and SEC for a hypothetical

Doesn't include much

2007-11-28 14:40:07 by -

Although I imagine there's a lot of college ball on those Fox College Sports channels.
re baseball, in the bay area, i'm pretty fortunate to see most of my teams (A's) home and away games, but given a choice between your suggestions, I'd probably break down and get cable's baseball package (MLB Extra Innings - whatever its called).
408 Speed Channel Sports
409 TV Games Sports
411 Tennis Channel Sports
413 Fox College Sports Atlantic Sports
414 Fox College Sports Ce

Court Vision: Heat's LeBron James stars in trailer for 'NBA 2K14' video game  —
Fox Sports 1 has TV rights for college football and the NFL, but adding the NBA is an absolute must for the nascent channel to expand its live sports portfolio.

Fox & Friends
Fox & Friends
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Chicago White Sox @ Detroit Tigers MLB Preview
Sports Center
Sports Center

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