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The perfect film of the Patriots - Indiscreet
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1. Sunday game also broadcast by Sky Sports, New England has been impressive in victory at Giants Stadium against the Jets. The Patriots big, fast, physical, renewed in some areas without losing effectiveness, even with apparent improvements even in the most uncertain (see the nine receptions for 183 yards to Randy Moss). The trouble is that the sharp divide between Pats and Jets in the first day may have been fraudulently acquired, on which is investigating the NFL. It's about having "stolen" the gestures with which the Jets communicated the defensive schemes. Here you have to explain. As is known, the football as opposed to what they think is a sport many novices extremely tactical, a continuous challenge between attack and defense in search of the scheme that allows advance or, seen from the other side of the line of scrimmage, to reject. There is a certain method, and therefore forbidden to have an unfair advantage: for the whole game shooting with a video camera the defensive (in this case, or offensive in others) coordinator, and approaches this shooting to the game . Obviously, after a while you will be able to recognize in what way are reported from the sideline to the captain of the defense schemes, and we will act accordingly. If - as pure, pure invention - asks a cover receivers man with a linebacker blitz on the side of the tight end and the pattern is indicated by a raised arm to the side with subsequent signs of "2" and "3" is obvious that the third time that such a signal is given to the attack knows what to do. Indeed, there is also no need to review footage of the coach and footage of the game approached, how can you make cold preparing a next race: it is enough to resume gestures and immediately retrace the schema is a cute, as happened on Sunday: the security officers of the Jets have noticed that an individual with the credit Patriots (thus pass distributed to the club, do not press pass) had a camera, and ran pictures of the coach. Immediate confiscation and complaint to the NFL, and now details have emerged and earlier: because in the last twelve months three other teams had suspected something fishy in games against the Patriots, and indeed last year the Packers had identified and hunted the same contributor to New England, Matt Estrella, found in possession of the camera last Sunday. One more peculiarity that after the race, won by the Pats 35-0, cornerback Al Harris, Green Bay, he said "it was almost as if the Patriots knew what they were doing. Hats off. They run schemes created especially for us, patterns that have forced us to change some things. I do not know who call their schemes, but Belichick (head coach, Ed) is good. " Obvious that in retrospect are words that strike, although it is curious that an executive of the Packers, when asked why the club had not made a complaint to the NFL, he then replied that certain things you do not, if they are not the reason why you lost: "Does it bother you that they use certain tricks, but that's not why we were bitten." Now, however, if as they say in these hours the Commissioner Roger Goodell considers that the evidence is sufficient to bring an determine the guilt of the Patriots, could get a heavy fine, in the form of loss of positions of choice in the 2008 draft. And anyway, now more than ever understand why the coach, the offensive schemes when communicating with the microphone with one hand hiding the movement of the lips.
2. In the game the subject of controversy, the Patriots' Ellis Hobbs reported the kickoff for a touchdown (kick-off) of the second half with a run of 108 yards, closing practice race on 21-7, and the beauty is that usually who returns kicks and is located on the bottom of the end zone (the end zone) is said to catch the ball, if possible, and kneel: in that case it starts from 20 yards, while trying to get out of the end zone can happen of being stopped on the 1 or 2 yard or in any case before 20. Is generally preferred the safety of from 20, without the risk, the prospect of a race that can end in touchdowns, but also much, much earlier, to the detriment of the attack. Hobbs did not think much, took from the right side, and is crossing party: he had good blocks, had only to resist an attempt to tackle and stopped only after having traveled 108 yards, in fact. What are NFL records matched: before him, had traveled 108 yards Devin Hester of Chicago November 12, 2006 and returns a field goal missed by New York Giants, and almost exactly a year earlier, November 13, 2005 Nathan Vasher, the Bears always, in an identical situation against the San Francisco 49ers. The record for a kickoff return was instead of Roy Green of the St. Louis Cardinals, one who played on offense, defense and special teams precisely, with 106 yards, set in 1979. Of note, returning to Hobbs, his commentary on the story of the reports "stolen": "We train too as individuals and as a team then need to cheat. If this is true it is obvious that we were wrong, but I am on the side of the team, the staff. I do not think we do things like that. " They do not seem reasoning post-Moggiopoli of Juventus players were saying - and it's understandable - to still hear their badges won?
3. We have never been big fans of the New York teams, but we must admit that a Super Bowl with the Jets or Giants fans is something roaring: we were at the XXV won by the Giants 20-19 on Buffalo, with the field goal missed by Scott Norwood of the Bills at the end, and the casino that made New Yorkers - the city, not the state, because Buffalo is also in that of New York - was memorable. Or maybe because it seemed that for mysterious reasons in the press there were at least four people with the links to play the Giants, one sitting right in front of us. We were impressed because we were well aware of the hard and fast rule - in the U.S. - the "no cheering in the press box, " or "no cheering in the press box, " and is not that the come to know that the four worked for the newspaper (unofficial ) Giants served to mitigate the surprise for quell'esultanza coarse, we keep still, in audiocassette version. With us the rule is - it was - ridiculous: last week at the San Siro in a row of the press box stood a purple scarf waved vigorously, but is only one of many examples. For example, never forget the envoy of a newspaper of Reggio Calabria that the winning goal on the field of Reggina Parma, December 21, 2003, stood up and addressed to all around him raised his middle finger and said (if we remember well) "Take this, you bastards." We return to the NFL is better ...
4. For all sixteen games of the first weekend of the NFL there was a full house, and is the third year in a row, the fourth in history (the first in 1998). Aside from the obvious meaning in terms of the popularity of the League, which is not in question at the time, even after the legal proceedings of some players in recent times, this in practice means something very important from the point of view of television: if In fact, at 72 hours (48 in the case of the Vikings, this time) from the lot are sold all the tickets will be taken off the so-called blackout television, or the game may also be broadcast live in the city where you play (and clear, as are virtually all races) and thus can be seen by everyone. The three main channels, ABC, CBS and NBC, each have a branch or "subsidiary" in each city or area that it retransmits the schedule by inserting their own programs of local information, and in the past it has happened that some stations acquistasse the last few hundred Bigli
ects were, perhaps distributing them to schools, because the payment was still lower than the revenue from commercials broadcast during the game then. The basic reason for this is that the blackout policy must always have full stadiums because the experience live sports is always worth a lot and the scenario of a plant chock (and who go there anyway spend on souvenirs and food ...) is ideal for those watching on TV: after all, sometimes terrible scenarios like those paintings in Europe, championships played in empty stadiums but with tens of millions of TV viewers in the U.S. are almost never assumed, because there is not a problem poor due to the presence of live television. These Americans, as usual, did not understand anything ...
5. After the defeat against Appalachian State, Saturday 1, it seemed that Michigan had hit rock bottom. But the next race went even worse: still in front of 109, 000 of the Big House in Ann Arbor, the Wolverines lost 39-7 against Oregon. It 's the worst defeat in terms of waste, since 1968, ie the year before he arrived at UM Bo Schembechler, considered the father of modern fortune team. It must be said that Schembechler passed away last year, on the eve of Ohio State-Michigan, and from that time the Wolverines have lost four games out of four, but this is obviously a curiosity and not something more, but it is impressive that UM has allowed 624 yards (!) to Oregon, 331 of them on race, allowing the quarterback Dennis Dixon to complete 25 of 16 passes for 292 yards and three touchdowns. A curiosity is that the attack of Oregon uses patterns and formations very similar to those of Appalachian State, which may give some indication to future opponents of Michigan. But meanwhile, says a lot about the defense of UM: six possessions of the ball to Oregon in the first half, scored 32 points, and not only in the second half the Ducks have run to a "Statue of Liberty", where in a few words the quarterback stands still (like a statue, in fact) with the ball in hand pretending to want to launch a colleague and he takes her running, but they did it even twice, and in the second case they scored a touchdown. And while we're at, now the question becomes complicated for a simple reason: Saturday's Michigan-Notre Dame, another challenge traditional and much anticipated, and the Fighting Irish are 0-2 as their opponents, which is not apocalyptic just because the campus of South Bend is a strong religious and a comfort it is forever, maybe in the two arms out of the famous Touchdown Jesus (pictured), the mosaic of Jesus that stands behind one of the curves, and that was so renamed, with desecration harmless, because of the open arms and upwards, as an arbitrator. A victory for the Wolverines would do well if only the finances of the Ohio State fans, traditional rival: after the victory of Appalachian State, in fact, Ohio had come to the store to ASU hundreds of orders for commemorative T-shirts, and now it is likely same phenomenon that accompanies the success of Oregon. But it is difficult for the fans of the Buckeyes do you get from any tris: Notre Dame, although more difficult than expected under the guidance of Charlie Weis, the former offensive coordinator two-time champion with the New England Patriots, it is still an opponent of the "zone" and it is easier to play as harmless to Appalachian State and Oregon that those of a college rich and powerful that every lap you blowing some high school value. So the nice store of Notre Dame, situated on two floors with a large corner where the coffee shop also sells biscuits in the shape of footballs and decorations from time to time adapted to the circumstances of the team, the traffic flow will remain unchanged.
6. Here we talk about America. Yesterday was the 11th of September. Six years already.


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Mountain West Conference Fans/College Fans

2006-08-21 20:07:02 by joninaz

Please read and take action...
Basically we need to call our local cable companies and satellite providers and demand they add CSTV (which DirecTV just added), but also the new Mountain West channel, which is only available in just a few markets right now.
If we can get DirecTV to add the MW channel, for example, you'll get to watch about 9-10 football games per school this season, no matter where you live. Otherswise you might catch 1-3 on any national feed. Plus you get a ton of basketball games and other sports.
But we need action. We need you. Call and write BOTH your local provider and the national sat providers

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