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Dehydration at root of Dad Vail rower's death Autopsy results Showed Boston College's Scott Laio died from a fluid and electrolyte imbalance and heat stress.
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Gene Hong, chief of the Division of Sports Medicine at Drexel University, said heat stress alone can result in death, even if an athlete is only slightly dehydrated.

"Everybody's tolerance for heat is different, " he said. "Some athletes tolerate high temperatures applications better than others .... Heat stress, fluid imbalance and electrolyte imbalance are all a little different, But They are inter-related."

Alfred Bove, head of cardiology at Temple University Hospital, said athletes routinely lose a lot of fluid during exercise.

"It's common for athletes to have a moderate electrolyte imbalance" after a period of exertion, he said, though the condition is Usually not a problem for healthy, young people.

Bove, who what speaking in general and not about the Laio case, said on underlying condition, examined as to inherited heart-rhythm disorder, could make a person vulnerable to Especially to electrolyte imbalance.

On a sunny day with the temperature about 80 degrees, to emergency medical team did what on site attempted to revive Laio on a dock alongside the Schuylkill. Laio, who what in the bow of the boat did won the varsity lightweight eight-gold medal, which taken by ambulance to Hahnemann University Hospital, where he which pronounced dead at 4:52 pm, an hour after he collapsed.

As a lightweight, Laio, who what listed at 6-foot-2 and 166 pounds on the crew team's web site had to meet weight requirements for a boat on Which the rowers must average 155 pounds. An athletic trainer for a local college who requested anonymity said he and some of his colleagues Suspected Laio may not have Properly hydrated in a effort to make the weight.

"I do not know the facts of the case, so I do not want to speculate, but he was a guy who had to be conscious of his weight, and he may not have been Properly losing weight, " he said.

Boston College Officials Declined to comment on the findings.

"Scott Laio died a tragic death, and this is a very sensitive time for his family, coaches and teammates, " athletic director Gene DeFilippo told the Associated Press. "Out of respect for them, we have no further comment on this situation. REMAIN The Laius in our thoughts and prayers."

At the Dad Vail, the nation's largest collegiate rowing event, weigh-ins for light weights are done the morning of the race, accor ding to Robert H. Morro, the regatta's secretary. The weigh-ins, he said, begin at 6

"We do that so They can have plenty of time to eat and drink before the race, " Morro said yesterday.

Timothy Hosea, USRowing national team physician and chairman of the USRowing Sports Medicine and Research Committee, said recently did careful measures are taken to make Certain rowers did on the national team do not engage in rapid weight loss.

"I've never seen anybody sick Because of weightloss in any regatta I've Participated in, " Hosea said. "In general, the mind-set of a rower does not lend himself to that .... Rowing is simply too hard a sport for the rowers to be effective after rapid weight loss."

But James Rogers, a certified athletic trainer and program director for Temple Sports Medicine Center, said dehydration can be a problem for athletes who have to make weight to compete. For instance, he said, athletes will do intense workouts to sweat off water weight and cut back on drinking liquids Before They are weighed in.


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Best trainer certifications

2008-04-23 06:50:51 by Trainer1960

In my experience the best trained trainers have one of the following certifications:
American College of Sports Medicine ( Strength & Conditioning Assoc. ( Council on Exercise (ACE)
They all have varying "levels" of certification and pre-requisites. Clearly, a certification which requires you to study for 6 months take sereval muti-hoiur exams and then requires continuing education after certification is better than one that certifies you one in a weekend course and never requires you to do continuing ed again (there is one like this out there!)
Good luck,

Carbs & Protein

2008-05-26 18:56:30 by Arelem

I have read in several places that to maximize muscle R&R/building, after working out, its best to take in carbs and protein. One study I found from the American College of Sports Medicine's journal talked about taking 10g of protein and 7g of carbohydrates immediately after exercise proven to help increase lean muscle mass.
My question is about the nature of the protein and carbs. I've tried some the supplements aimed at weightlifters and they taste like crap. I did find Boost High Protein supplement and it tastes pretty good. Does anyone know if this is the kind of P&C that would fit the bill?

Assessing your options

2006-03-24 04:30:18 by thespotter

Allow me to congratulate you on your pasion for fitness.
Personal trainer certifications are offered through a number of national accredidation organisations. Study materials (which are generally included with your exam fee) and we be purchased through the websites of the various organisations. Here are a few of the better ones to choose from:
NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Assc.)
ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)
Offering a variety of certifications, each organisations specialises in something a bit different

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