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Our founder Mr. Xie Dongmin for the realization of "repair Qi Zhiping" well-established tradition in the Republic was founded on March 47 "Home Economics College Practice, " 68 was renamed "Practical Home Economics College"; 74 years since the original special trick boys and girls to Jianzhao; 75 years and do five-year college, specifically recruit girls; 80 August restructured as "Shih Chien College, " college stopped recruiting; 84 established Kaohsiung Campus; 86 August renamed " Shih Chien University, "officially entered a new era of multi-campus development. We currently have the people's livelihood, School of Design, School of Management, Cultural and Creative Arts, Business and Information College of Liberal Arts and the Faculty of Liberal dedicated, five college has 11 master classes, 34 departments (group), handling There daytime academic department, education department, serving special classes, etc. for a fine university. TOP

● public transportation:

◎ Wenshan MRT Neihu Line: At Dazhi Station (Shih Chien University) to get off.

◎ practice from Taipei Railway Station to the University: 1 MRT Danshui Line: Take the MRT Danshui Line to Danshui Station in Round Hill, opposite the MRT Zhongshan Football Stadium stop sign take 21, 208, 213, 215, 247 (shuttle bus) (mountains line), 287 (shuttle bus), Red 2 bus to Běi Dazhi Station. 2 MRT Bannan Line: Take the MRT Bannan Line to South direction Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT Station Interchange Mucha / Neihu Line, in Dazhi Station (Chien University) and get off at Exit 1 from the right, ie available to the school. 3 Bus: Take bus No. 247, 287 to Běi Dazhi Station.

◎ via Běi Dazhi Station Bus routes: 21, 28, 33, 42, 72, 208, 213, 222, 247, 256, 267, 287, Red 2, Red 3, 646, 902, 286.

◎ Dazhi Mingshuei station via bus routes: 645,  3, Blue 26.

● Driving:

◎ Taipei: 1 newborn viaducts to go right to the Dazhi Maruyama direction straight Běi in Straight Street turn left school. (2) passing Zhongshan Gao Jianguo Viaduct toward the direction of the high switching Zhongshan north road, in the "Riverside Street" exit off the freeway, turn left at the traffic lights go straight, turn left at the first traffic light Dazhi Bridge, go straight under the Dazhi Bridge then to school. 3 passing overhead within five to fast road by the lake "Fuyuan blocks" and then turn on the next straight Dazhi Bridge can to Dazhi (school). 4 passing MacArthur Bridge Road towards the direction of Tiding straight, then go straight to the Běi some Neihu, go straight through the ring Běi first traffic light and turn right to the school. 5 From the direction of Neihu, straight Neihu pick Běi, Bei Guo ring the first traffic light and turn right to the school. 6 passing through the tunnel out of the tunnel turn right Běi Ziqiang, the first traffic light and turn right to the school.

Source: www.techadmi.edu.tw

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Kudos back to you. Sounds like

2009-10-28 12:40:13 by yourontheright

One day they grow up and develop ideas of their own (grown up ideas). Depending on their ideas, that's when you know you've done it right.
Pretty amazing when that happens.
What man wouldn't be proud of his son as the high school QB and college bound with a full scholarship? I know their dad knows because we live in a small town and football and basketball are the world to most of us.
Games fall on Friday nights and that is his night to be at the strip bar.
When I look back, sometimes I could kick myself for marrying that man, but when I look at my children, I know why I did and smile.

And don't forget about this!

2007-07-06 15:58:48 by beachdaddio

My former girlfriend tried to give up our children for adoption for money so she could have a nice car and pay for college. I could not understand why she would do such a thing. I am fighting the adoptions and requesting full custody.
One thing that motivated her, she was abandoned by her father when she was a child. Because of that she has little regard of the role of the father in the family. Also, her mother never put any effort into bringing another male role model into the family, and also her mother never tried to put an effort into bringing the true father back.
When my former girlfriend was in high school she played basketball at Cocoa Beach High School all the other girls' fathers showed up to watch thier daughters play basketball but noone showed up for her, this...

Louisville, Memphis enter as favorites in league's first official season  — ESPN
The American Athletic Conference will be deep in its inaugural season, with as many as five programs having a strong chance to reach the NCAA tournament.

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FOX Sports Next - ATH Shaq Davidson
FOX Sports Next - ATH Shaq Davidson
The Opening - DL Chad Thomas
The Opening - DL Chad Thomas
Off Season "Football Workout" - Day 1 "Chris James" High School
Off Season "Football Workout" - Day 1 "Chris James" High School
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