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est une équipe sportive virtuelle et honorifique composées de joueurs amateurs désignés par certains media en vertu de leurs performances. An All-America team is a virtual and honorary composed of amateur players nominated by some team sports media under their performance. These players are considered the best at their position in a given season. » semble naître avec une liste des meilleurs joueurs de football américain universitaire établie en 1889 par Caspar Whitney et publiée dans This Week's Sports en collaboration avec Walter Camp [ 1 ] . The original invention of the term "All-America" ​​seems to be born with a list of the best college football players established in 1889 by Caspar Whitney and published in This Week's Sports in association with Walter Camp [1] .

sont sélectionnées chaque année par l' American Baseball Coaches Association et le Collegiate Baseball Newspaper . In baseball , the All-America teams are selected annually by the American Baseball Coaches Association and Collegiate Baseball Newspaper.

(USBWA). For the basketball players are nominated by the Associated Press and The United States Basketball Writers Association (USBWA).

, composé des membres suivants : Associated Press , American Football Coaches Association , Football Writers Association of America , Sporting News et Walter Camp Football Foundation (WCFF). For soccer , college determines the choice of the All-America team, composed of the following members: Associated Press , American Football Coaches Association, Football Writers Association of America, Sporting News and Walter Camp Football Foundation (WCFF).


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Just flipping through my copy of...

2011-01-12 16:17:03 by ^-_-^

U.S. News & World Report's Best American College catalogue and guess what?
Forget about being on any Top 10, 50 or 100 lists, UoP, DeVry and ITT aren’t even in the f-ing book. And there are a lot of schools in this book.
That MUST mean that they are soooo good, and soooo respected that they don’t need to be there. That’s the only explanation!
BTW - I love the fact that UoP bought the naming rights to a pro football stadium but have zero athletic teams. That's awesome!

Day 3 in the DR  — NCAT Aggies
Conrady is the national director of Score International, a Christian ministry that in part invites American college basketball teams to the Dominican to witness a different culture. “We're going to visit some young women who have had very rough ..

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  • Avatar eddiepaxil How does more than one sports team have the same nickname?
    Jun 01, 2007 by eddiepaxil | Posted in Baseball

    In this age of everyone suing everyone. How is it that say the Miami Hurricanes haven't sued the Carolina Hurricanes? Does it have to do with using different logos or the different city names? I mean, if I bought an MLB expansion team in New Jersey could I legally call it the New Jersey Devils? Wondering what the law is on this.

    • Well there's been a few famous disputes about this sort of thing in was the Cleveland brown's when there owner left wanted to move the team to Baltimore

      the city of Cleveland said the the name of the brown …r />
      in the case of the raider's thinking they own L.A even though there not there doesn't make sence and of court didn't either to the court's.

      common sense is all that's needed in these thing's.