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  • The 24th Chinese National Games come to an end
  • Opening ceremony on behalf of the team Opening Ceremony Parade download

Twenty-fourth China National Games held

WASHINGTON June 23 Reuters (Epoch Times reporter Lv Hai, Zhou Rong Cupertino News) North America's largest Chinese Games, the 24th "Kingsoft Bay Area Chinese polity, " June 22 at Dian Sa College held a grand. This year's Chinese National Games held in one month in advance, in order to attract more Chinese schools to jointly participate Huayunda contest, the organizers of this year's first folk art is also particularly diabolo contest for young people to provide more playing opportunities.

Opening ceremony gathered the Bay Area's political, business and media community leaders, including Santa Clara County Governor Pete McHugh, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco by Director Chen Quan, San Jose Vice Mayor Dave Cortese, San Jose City Council Zhu induced couple, Patrick Wong Siu Cupertino City Council, Sunnyvale City Council LI Zhou Xiao, and from afar Republic of China in Taiwan Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee Chairman Wu Yingyi and so on.

Ceremony begins at 9 am from the United States and China flags Scout Scout Association first team to admission, then 118 troops gradually admission. This year's team from the previous chairman of the composition of the flame, lit the torch together.

Wuying Yi speech said that Chinese is generally considered limited academic superior, but China will see a Chinese ship spirits and good health, I wish all the athletes with good performance.

Current chairman Ng Yuk Wah Games Ping said that China Games are North America's largest Chinese Games by thousands of players to participate in the National Games nations. China Games in the Olympic spirit, embodied in its political and religious regardless, no age and race discrimination, everyone go all out, fair competition.

Since May 3 Huayunda torch lit in the state capital, has been gradually carried out a dozen race. Organizers have arranged multi-year program. Societies that day in addition to the Masters, athletics, special children's competitions and folk arts diabolo competitions dozen competitions, but also arranged a martial arts, dance groups doing wonderful performances, in which righteousness Dragon Mission Church, Lion Dance, Lion Dance Troupe Performing North the lion dance Sarkozy, the French Falun Dafa Divine Land Marching Band is heaven and earth, also won applause.

Amusement park is the participant must pass through, amusement parks this year, in addition to businesses, a variety of tasty snacks, as well as young children painting exhibition.

This year's Chinese Super Stage arrange transportation wonderful performances, including dance, martial arts, vocal and Chinese schools, and other performances.


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Better wear plastic at this induction ceremony

2008-05-01 12:12:47 by bornagaingumby

At least in the first row-like a gallagher/watermelon show.....this guy spits up a storm.
By Jack Carey, USA TODAY
Former coach Lou Holtz, who led Notre Dame to the 1988 national championship and also coached five other programs, heads the College Football Hall of Fame's 15-member 2008 class for Bowl Subdivision (formerly Division I-A) teams, announced Thursday.

Notable deaths around the nation and world as of Aug. 25, 2013  —
He worked mainly as chief technology officer in the family businesses, which include the Salt Lake Bees baseball team, the Tour of Utah bike race, Miller Motorsports Park, Megaplex Theaters, Fanzz sports apparel store and several car dealerships.

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    Aug 01, 2013 by Jay | Posted in Hockey

    My family was not hockey-oriented, so it wasn't like they were expecting me to even root for a team at all. I grew up outside of Boston, but I've been a fan of the Sabres since I got hooked on hockey at age 14. Classmate …ven hail from that community and you might like a player based on where they're from. Part of the reason why I cheered for the Sabres was because of Chris Drury, who grew up in New England and even went to college at BU.

    • I live in calgary and my brother cheers for buffalo too haha. He gets crap for it all the time but it doesn't bother him. I also have a friend who is a pretty big coyotes fan, and I see all kinds of different jerseys being worn around town. I wouldn't worry about it. Sounds like you are talking to some pretty bitter people.

  • Avatar D W What did the acronym for Victoria's Secret's PINK line originally stand for. I can't find it anywhere online.?
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    I remember reading about it somewhere before, but now I can't find it. It stands for something kinda dirty and I remember being shocked when I read it before but that's all I remember.

    • I couldn't find any references that PINK is an official acronym. The logo's capital letters seem to resemble collegiate lettering, which makes sense since that's their target market.

      In fact I found an art …versity of Oregon, Penn State University, University of Michigan, USC, and Texas A&M. Currently, the website allows the public to vote for a college of their choice to be featured by PINK in the Collegiate Collection

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    • Sports Fever in National City Sports Fever offers fan gear, apparel, and accessories for all your favorite college and pro sports teams.

      Sports Fever

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      National City, CA 91950

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