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nfl referees American football, mind you, is a thicket of rules, and good rules to lose his head. It even happens with leading industry experts. Does not even cameras on the sideline to avoid altogether glaring oversights. It 'happened in the past, even in some Super Bowl. Imagine now that the arbitrators holders are "on strike" - because the contract to be renewed - and replacing them is a willing and badly paid group of stocks. Of alternates.

Errors in repetition and protests that rise high in the world of the National Football League.

They are called replacement referees and are becoming a real case. Really do not want to find sporting in their shoes right now. Protesting all. Players. Teams. The presidents. The coaches. Opinion-formers. On TV, newspapers, internet, Twitter and Facebook. Not a pretty sight.

The Nfl - despite the Italian TV and also in our own media largely ignore it - is one of the most viewed shows competitive in the world. A wrong call of a referee is amplified over and over again, dissected in all its awkward appearance. In short, if stumps, go to monovision and will not go unnoticed ...

It stores mistakes they are making chain. A vast collection. Which is added an inevitable lack of authority (unless you're pretty much anyone, you try to explain to 22 giants from the combative that things are not as they think) and a total lack of uniformity in the weight to be given to holding, interference, and another.

No mitigation for those who have been recruited after a rapid course from the National football league and thrown into the fray of the most competitive league and soon the planet. No mitigation for those coming from a football minor - college, arena - or was recalled from retirement. No mitigation for those who earn a few dollars compared to even the "poor" of the players.

A few little bill did ESPN. According to the network the head judge of each crew takes 3500 dolloari per game. The other, much less. The athlete with the lowest salary in the league earns about 7 times more. The star of the tournament, Peyton Manning, then, 302 times the amount guaranteed a race director.

And if the Ravens quarterback, Joe Flacco, after the defeat with the revived Eagles Michael Vick to raise its voice - "These referees are undermining the integrity of the game" - not tender even Mike Pereira, former director of race and now commentator for Fox, when he says: "It takes years to learn the rule book, but it does not take long to realize that things are not working."

Source: marino.blogautore.repubblica.it

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Cable/Satellite TV?????

2007-06-26 15:13:10 by ELT

So all of these teams leagues are starting their own networks,
NFL network
The Baseball Channel
now there are college conference networks in the works
BIG TEN (11) network
So will in the next few years all of these owners of the content start their own networks and pull programing from ESPN and the networks.
Will the we end up with 4 or 5 different niche all sport networks on our cable/satellite packages, some national i.e. the NFL network and NBATV and some local?
My prediction is that there will be an expansion in the next few years and then a few years on a round of mergers, where we'll see for example two conference merging their networks were there is over lap lets say ACC and SEC for a hypothetical

Doesn't include much

2007-11-28 14:40:07 by -

Although I imagine there's a lot of college ball on those Fox College Sports channels.
re baseball, in the bay area, i'm pretty fortunate to see most of my teams (A's) home and away games, but given a choice between your suggestions, I'd probably break down and get cable's baseball package (MLB Extra Innings - whatever its called).
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