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) por lo que es posible que ya resulte familiar. On several occasions we used Viton References American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) so that you may already be familiar. Entities is one of the most recognized worldwide in the field of sports medicine.

This time we will see what the "position statement" of the American College of Sports Medicine in reference to nutrition and athletic performance. The "position statement" are documents prepared by these organizations based on literature reviews and scientific evidence. It is the position of these organizations to certain aspects of exercise, nutrition and health.

sobre nutrición y rendimiento deportivo. This article sets out in simple enough several of the considerations made ​​by the ACSM on nutrition and athletic performance. However, the development of this "position statement" was held jointly with the American Dietetic Association and Dietitians of Canada group. Since then, it has scientific backing and we can trust is a document with integrity and discretion.


y con una visión crítica de nutrición clínica recomiendan que todo atleta debe consumir la energía suficiente , sobre todo en períodos de entrenamiento de alta intensidad o de gran volumen, para mantener el peso corporal, maximizar el rendimiento y mantener la salud del deportista. From the ACSM and a critical view of clinical nutrition recommend that every athlete should consume enough energy, particularly during periods of high intensity training or high volume to maintain body weight, maximize performance and maintain the health of athletes .

Likewise, it advises athletes and coaches themselves should not worry too much your body composition, you need only mainly sports and weight measurement for competition. . In the event that you need to lower your body fat percentage should be carried out according to the ACSM season.

It is determined that carbohydrates are the primary fuel for intense exercise and reiterates its importance in maintaining blood glucose (blood glucose levels), and to replenish the muscle and liver glycogen.

Athletes with caloric restriction and therefore energy deficit are at risk for nutrient deficiency. Therefore particularly important receive micronutrients, which are vitamins and minerals, either by raising a good nutritional strategy or through the use of nutritional supplements.

At the same time, athletes, having a higher nutritional energy requirements, as well so with nutrients and vitamins. ). The problem is that this is not covered in the nutritional recommendations (DRI). This is the case for example of endurance athletes, they should have a higher intake of some B vitamins, specifically responsible for oxidative energy metabolism, because in these people, the oxidative metabolism is more active than in the sedentary.


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2011-02-01 20:30:51 by wilderwestzona

THAT IS THE MAJOR ISSUE I HAVE WITH TRAINERS. THEY ARE NOT PHYSIOLOGISTS, BIOLOGISTS, OR NUTRITIONISTS. They are simply people that have been trained to help motivate you through a work out. U NEED TO ASK THIS TRAINER WHERE HIS DEGREE IS FROM. If he doesn't have a degree then ask where he is certified from. Proper certifications for professional trainers come from PROFESSIONAL ORANIZATIONS such as American College of SPorts Medicine, or The National Strength and Conditioning Association - these are the top of the line organizations that certify professional trainers. If he has a 3 month certificate, then I would beware

YouAreVerySad: U R completely misinformed

2011-01-24 06:32:48 by wildwestzona

I have a semester away from a doctorates degree in health, furthermore, every single public health organization(Department of Health and Human Services, American Heart Association, Healthy People 2010), and all MAJOR Professional Organizations such as the American College of Sports Medicine, and the National Strength and Conditioning Association, as well as all health college text book such as biology, physiology, nutrition, chemistry- would highly disagree with your statement.
Do you know how many exercise and physiology classes I have had, along with biology, and your statements are completely false

Monstar is right on

2004-03-15 11:10:59 by frodog

Whey shakes are unnecessary except pre- and post-workout.
Do Extra Amino Acids and Protein Build Bigger Muscles?
Martin J. Gibala, Ph.D.
McMaster University
Do athletes really need massive amounts of protein or amino acid supplements to maximize muscle growth? For many body builders and strength athletes, the answer is "yes." But what do the experts on sports nutrition and exercise physiology say? Leading scientific organizations such as the American College of Sports Medicine, American Dietetic Association and Dieticians of Canada have concluded that athletes have only slightly higher protein requirements than sedentary individuals

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