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Qualifications: PhD in Sciences, Master of Science in Sport Sciences at the achieved '

University "UTAD" Vila Real-Portugal.Specialization in Sports Medicine, Postgraduate Medicine

Aeronautics and Space, Degree in Medicine and Surgery, obtained at "Sapienza" University of Rome.

Associate Professor from 30-12-2004 to SSD M-EDF/02.Teacher during L33: "Methods and technical activities

motor "from 2004-05 to 2005-06, and various AFS L22.

Course 75 / S: "Methods and techniques of Combat sports" aa 2005-06, "Sport Technical-combinational 1" aa 2006-07

"Sport Technical-combiners 2" aa 2007-08

Course 53 / S and LM-47: "Theory, regulation and organization of sport" in 2006-07

Course 76 / S and LM-67: "Motor activities for the prevention and physical efficiency" (module) ay 2004-05, "Motor activities

for special populations "(module) from 2004-05

Doctoral School: "Elements of Research Methodology."

Invited lecturer at University UTAD Vila Real (PT), University of Porto (PT), "Escola Superior de Desporto" in Rio

Maior (PT), University Funorte (Montes Claros-Brasil), Federal University of Paraná (Curitiba-Brasil), University

Federal Lavras (UFLA) Brazil.

Research Topics: exercise intensity in sport and physical activity, determinants of sport performance and

well-being.Reviewer for 12 international journals with IF.Member of Editorial Board of "Revista Treinamento

Desportivo "and" Journal of Sports Medicine. "

Coordinator of the PhD in "Biomedical and Methodological Aspects of Physical Activity and Preventive

Adapt "XXII and XXIII cycle, and in:" Physical Activity and Health: Biomedical and Methodological Aspects "from the XXIV cycle.

Member of: Italian Association of Aeronautical and Space Medicine (AIMAS), the Italian Federation of Medicine

Sport (FIMS), the Italian Society of Sports Science and Sports (SISMeS), and a Fellow of "American College of Sports

Medicine "(ACSM).

Publications 2008-13

1 -

Cagno A, Baldari C, Battaglia C, P Brasili, Merni F, Piazza M, Toselli S, Ventrella AR, andGuidetti L. Leaping

ability and body composition in rhythmic gymnasts for talent identification.J Sports Med Phys Fitness, 48 (3): 341 -

346, 2008.[ISSN: 0022-4707]

2 -

Cagno A, Baldari C, Battaglia C, Guidetti L, Piazza M. Anthropometric characteristics evolution in elite rhythmic

gymnasts.Embryol Ital J Anat, 113 (1) :29-35, 2008.[ISSN: 1122-6714]

3 -

Di Luigi L, C Baldari, Pigozzi F, Emerenziani GP, Gallotta MC, Iellamo F, Ciminelli E, Sgro P, Romanelli F, Lenzi A,

Guidetti L. The long-acting phosphodiesterase inhibitor tadalafil does not influence athletes' VO2max, aerobic,

and anaerobic thresholds in normoxia.Int J Sports Med, 29 (2) :110-115, 2008. [ISSN: 0172-4622, doi: 10.1055/s-


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This American College of Sports Medicine shit is

2007-05-22 18:43:51 by CaliforniaSky

Hard :(..biomechanics, Exercise Physioligy, Mydiocardal Ischemia and Infraction, principles in behavior change (that might be fun). The Influence on Emotional Distress on Chronic Illness, Exercise in Patients with End Stage Renal Disease.
That doesn't even make 5% of the study course :(
I thought I could het ACSM certified in a few month's but I don't think I can :(
ohh and artichoke....that pic as a red x

I/m ACSM certified.. their the best one to get

2009-03-25 13:31:37 by Lions__in__Snow

Hard...and takes some time... but I think trainers should aim for the best one out there and just invest a little more time.
. After that, Pasternak recommends seeking out trainers with certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) or the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Thomas’s top two certifying agencies are the ACSM and the ACE. “Every little gym has a bulletin board full of personal trainers,” the physician says. “But if I don’t see one of these acronyms on someone’s business card, I steer people away.”

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