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Half an hour longer exercise helps maintain health in day


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Busy life and lack of time can no longer be an excuse for not exercising. Just half an hour longer exercise helps maintain health in days - and good shape too! It is not a miracle, not myth. Thirty minutinhos physical activities can bring benefits ranging from improved flexibility to the prevention of diseases such as diabetes. Not to mention, of course, that little help in weight loss!

According to the American College of Sport Medicine, three to five exercise sessions per week, 20-60 minutes at moderate intensity, sufficient to boost the body and relax the mind of people with normal health. For sedentary individuals with some type of medical restrictions, 20 minutes with mild enough.

'Thirty minutes a day of physical activity and balanced, three times a week, promotes significant gains in terms of both health as aesthetics. In addition to reducing the percentage of fat, exercising even if it is during this 'short' period of time improves cardiorespiratory function, helps control blood pressure and blood glucose, and raise self-esteem, "says professor Eduardo Furtado physical education.

At this time, you can practice different activities, alternating between aerobic and weight training. Currently in fashion, women-only gyms, offering a program of exercises practiced in half an hour, are also alternatives to be considered by those races against time and against the balance. In this type of method, the circuit usually always starts with a warmup. Then there are activities for aerobic and muscle strengthening on devices specially developed so that there is minimum risk of injury. Finally, cooling and stretching exercises. In just 30 minutes to complete the series of exercises.

For those who have not found willpower or time to start exercising, a good start is to swap the elevator for the stairs, walk by the car or even getting off the bus one stop earlier and make the journey on foot. Most people have not realized the benefits of spontaneous physical activity.

Small changes in everyday life, such as moving from bike and walk to work, among others, are able to, in some cases, triple the daily caloric expenditure of a person, "says Eduardo Furtado. Ready to get fit?


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Scholarships in Sydney

2007-09-02 21:15:41 by teacher1

Hi All,
I teach at an ESL school/Private High School/Business College (yes, all three rolled into one) in Sydney.
There are soccer and basketball scholarships on offer for students aged 15 and up. This equates to about $12,000 free tuition each year.
If you know a kid who is very good at either of these sports and would be mature enough to travel down here (and cover their own living expenses) check out on Metro, then Student Life, then either basketball or soccer, then on Sports Scholarhips. Our soccer team just won the league championship they are in, and the basketball team is entering their semifinals next week

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