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After 'vacation', Canadian revelation dawns in American college basketball - Sports

Kelly Olynyk e o potencialYou watched the action in Canada in FIBA ​​competitions and at the end of the game,could not turn off the TV not intrigued by Kelly Olynyk.Not only by this name different,but especially for the kind of player he could be.High,with 2.11 m,and quite agile and versatile,made his debut in the national team now managed by Steve Nash at 19,right on Turkey-World 2010,time court consistent with justice.Dali could really leave something.

Olynyk,promising Canadian

The following year,during the Copa America in Mar del Plata,the wing-pivot once the tournament has started well,almost forgotten on the bench,until he got 19 points and 12 rebounds in a collision (and defeat large) against Argentina experienced.Anyway,its production fell overall,while facing weaker competition.Kelly Olynyk tirou férias Was heavier,less energetic.What had happened?

With young players,you never know.Still learning to deal with the body changing.The head then gets even worse.For an ordinary teenager,the stage is already mad.Imagine,then sprinkle this cauldron afflictions that sport provides,the possibility of success or failure in a career that can be glamorous and earn good money,but it also easily can be short and full of frustrations.A revelation may well disappear and quoted an anonymous little trendy,can explode suddenly.Kelly Olynyk hippie

A brief search on the season - second half of 2011,remembering when the Twenty One was born - showed that Olynyk was entering the same screw.Do not know if still playing at the University of Gonzaga or,indeed,even if still in Basketball.Reached this point.

Gonzaga is a Catholic university based in the city of Spokane,there in the Northwestern United States.Its geographical position facilitates the recruitment of many Canadian talent,as the point guard Kevin Pangos,accompanying this year Olynyk and Robert Sacre pivot,the stopgap the Lakers to replace Howard or Gasol last year.

Someone wearing Olynyk missed the game,but not the court

The presence of compatriot Sacre and wing-pivot German Elias Harris in the cast of the Bulldogs in 2011-2012 and cast uncertainty motivated the wing pivot to make a drastic decision and uncommon before the season: considering that would not have much space,he chose be a "red shirt" - the player basically freezes your season athlete can use in the future an extra year of sports activity by the university.This is a procedure generally adopted by players who have suffered any serious injury. Was not the case here: the guy was training with teammates,guided by experts,but not attended a single game.


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2010-06-19 10:07:59 by ibelhoops

Saturday, June 19, Hydrogen vs. Wind Turbines, 7 PM
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1900 NW 4th St.
Ankeny, IA 50023
Watch local college standouts and NCAA division one talent from across the United States go all out for coveted roster spots with international basketball teams. Plus crosstown rivals Edin Suljic (DM Roosevelt, Eastern Illinois) and Ashton Sauls (DM East, NC Central) travel back to Central Iowa to play for the home crowd. All games are played in Ankeny, Iowa at Faith Baptist College.
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