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News Corp. can launch new sports channel
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News Corp. can launch new sports channel

Company, which already controls Fox Sports, create the channel to compete with ESPN

News Corp., The businessman Rupert Murdoch, is preparing to launch a new national sports network on cable U.S. to compete with ESPN, the Walt Disney. The information is published by The Wall Street Journal, also owned by News Corp. Although it has not been decided by the new channel, the idea has been debated by News Corp., The newspaper reports.

Fox Sports, which is the News Corp., Now sports channel is more relevant in the U.S.. The channel has 20 regional networks covering 75% of U.S. homes. Fox also operates in extreme sports channel Fuel TV. And, among the major U.S. networks, Fox broadcasts the games of the National Football League, American football. If the design of the new channel revenge, may be that News Corp. convert one of these channels in full sports network.

The national sports network Fox intensify the growing battle for the sport on TV, long under the domination of ESPN. Among the competitors, NBC Universal, Comcast renamed the sports network Versus as NBC Sports Network in an effort to make the channel more traditional. CBS did similar movement to change the network name to CBS College Sports CBS Sports Network.

A national network would give Fox Sports a chance to win a larger share of the fees that networks like ESPN pay for cable operators to carry its signals. However, industry executives have been increasingly reluctant to increased costs of these fees because they fear that subscribers abandon cable pay TV service.
Broadcast rights

The fight for the broadcast rights can also step up and make these rights more expensive, given the number of players competing for the content. The Fox itself is already a fierce competitor in the acquisition of rights to various sports. In the U.S., Fox Sports won ESPN, among other competitors, and acquired the rights to broadcast the World Cup 2018 (Russia) and 2022 (Qatar). In Brazil, where disputes over sporting events is also intense, the Fox Sports has the rights to the Copa Libertadores.

The idea of ​​a national sports network is not new to the News Corp. At the end of the 90s, the company launched the Fox Sports Net, the national program that aired on regional sports channels. This program allowed the Fox Sports Net captures national advertising. But over the years, the national program was being squeezed between the local programs, which virtually abolished the idea of ​​a national network. The regional channels have yet national programming, but in most cases, the main focus is on the same local sports.


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