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Money Sports: Water level alarm ESPN America

The current water level signal in terms of ESPN America is that there is a little change water level - at least from a German perspective.

The ball is at ESPN who are looking into about half a dozen European regions to foster parents for ESPN America TV rights, including Germany, have prompted media companies to pitch in the respective areas. These are the setting of the transmission mode of ESPN America on 31.7., Assume the rights.

The Italian foster parents

Circulated via Twitter over the weekend, and three corners with Google Translate, the rumor that in Italy, the pitch was terminated by TV rights to ESPN America and Sky Italia have awarded the contract.

On Sunday, an article appeared in the Gazzetta dello Sport . I have by Google Translate first understood differently (not yet purchase, interest only, deal in early July), but Korsakoff / Sideline Reporter (South Tyrol and of course the powerful Italian) writes in his blog entry something else:

I have the report in Gazzetta dello Sport from Sunday, 06.16 yesterday. get pushed into his hand, in which is reported (page 17) that the Australian tycoon Rupert Murdoch of Italy, the football rights and - here's the - especially the outstanding rights from ESPN America.

Literally, there is talk of "MLB Baseball, NHL Hockey, NASCAR, NCAA basketball and more." There are included with probability bordering on certainty and NFL and college football.

from: "U.S. sports in Italy 2013: Murdoch buys the open ESPNA rights"

I was not sure whether this interpretation of the text is correct, but still have someone else distended, the Italian and can confirm this interpretation (at this point thanks @ LLcurly ). Again so I had to rewrite this blog entry written already finished ...

So apparently the facts in Italy: Walked ESPN A-Pitch, awarded rights to Murdoch. A notice on the ESPN deal until early July.

The American foster parents

The starting-point of the Gazzetta article is interesting and has been officially confirmed on Monday by SKY Italia. Rupert Murdoch of Italy purchased a large football package (two years Premier League, Ligue 1, FA Cup, La Liga), and plans not to use this within the existing sports broadcaster SKY Italia, but a new FOX Sports rearing. FOX Sports is running in Italy under the auspices of FOX International Channels and not SKY.


Two points are of interest to the football rights deal: the lease term is only two years (ie until the summer of 2015) and the package includes Ligue 1 rights. Lie not with Al-Jazeera? Murdoch defends from a competitor by him buys a TV right?

Lt. Gazzetta is the brand of "FOX Sports' be pulled for defense against expansion plans of Al-Jazeera. Station with the name "FOX Sports' already exists in Brazil, Japan, South East Asia, Australia and the Netherlands. And in the U.S. Sports 1 is on the 17th August and broadcast on FOX to ESPN storming the bastion.


Fox, Big 12 ink $1.1 billion deal.(Football College)(With its current ABC and ESPN contracts, the league averages $150 million per year): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Book (The Register Guard)

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Football this weekend

2009-11-12 07:24:07 by ELT

The Niners aren't even playing on Sunday and STILL we get a doubleheader black out in the Bay Area.
Full college schedule
The Cal v Arizona game is on Versus...sooooo It won't be viewable for Directv people
West VA v Cincy tomorrow should be a good one

Fox shouldn't be doing this BCS

2008-01-03 16:54:08 by BobCostas56

They are not in the same league when it comes to college football. Leave it to the experts at ABC, CBS or ESPN. The host Chris from the Best Damn Sports show only got the gig because he is a jew. He obviously is in favor with the higher ups at Fox. He is nowhere near the same class of the others at the major networks.

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