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Member canfitpro (Canadian Fitness Professional Association) CPR and AED training (n ually renewed annually) Certificated Fitness Specialist - canfitpro Certified Ataraxia CEP-1 (Certified Personal Trainer) and PCC-2 (advanced training) Twist Sport Conditioning Coach (TSCC) Silver level Kettlebell training academy Trainer Specialist level 1 Fit Yoga - Yoga Lean Certification Flirty Girl Fitness Instructor Work experience and training 2013 ACSM (American College of Sports Medic ine) Cancer Exercise Trainer Certification 2012 Ambassador Twist Sport Conditioning (S alon shopping International Congress canfitpro Toront o) Fida 2012 Training - Instructor group classes 2010 Fitness Energie Cardio 2010 Dinelle Baseball Academy - Head Coach of Sport Conditioning

Ustomer Storie '' Coach unusual that new s instills courage and energy and force at each meeting. A weekly appointment not to be missed!'' Francine M. '' For five months my life has changed and I also pa r at the same time. I hated doing the exer this but with the concept of shaping and, better health that Sophie has in place, I find myself saying that I love to l year. I pay attention to my diet and my health improves. I feel better about myself and I am proud of the progress. Finally a formula that suits me and makes me especially the greater good. For once in my life, I do not the ache because I believe it.'' Nathalie B.


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If you decide to hire a trainer be sure of a few

2009-12-03 13:18:49 by fitdan

Education-search for someone with a college degree in Exercise Science. Find out how many years they have been training and ask for references. If they do not have a degree they should at least be certified by a nationally recognized organization such as the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Strength Conditioning Association, or other.
Look for someone friendly and positive and expect to pay $50-75 per hour with discounts for packages purchased. Don't let some salesperson talk you into buying sessions, instead, YOU interview several trainers to find the best one.

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