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Duymi Lage Ambidextrous. Stronger in left-handed. Student-athlete: Indoor Soccer, Sand and Field. Forward pivot field and futsal. Category 91. Holds 30 medals and 08 trophies. Name: Duymi Donha Lage Rodrigues Athletic Name: Lage Duymi Dt b.: March 22, 1991

Membership: Father: Heraldo Lage Rodrigues Mother, Mara Lucia Rodrigues da Silva Donha Lage

Identity Card RG No. 30945583-2 - SSP / SP CPF.: 400223228-09

Address: Rua Princesa Isabel, 131 fit 50 Itararé - San Vicente - SP - CEP.: 11320-310


Site: Portal Duymi Lage

Elementary Education-1st Degree

1st, 2nd and 3rd series - 1998/1999/2000School Regina AltmanSantos4th and 5th series - 2001/2002Omega CollegeSantos 6th grade - 2003 College Vertex Santos 7th grade - 2004 Colegio Anglo Americano Santos 8th grade - 2005 Colegio Anglo Americano Santos

School-2nd Grade

1st grade - 2006 Colegio Anglo Americano Santos 2nd series - 2007College Visconde de São LeopoldoSantos 3rd grade - 2008 Azevedo Junior College Santos

Note: Always put first in his class.

In August 2004 he received Honors College Anglo American "Best Student Class - 1st Place" Note: I've received Honorable Mentions other previously.


1997 - It began in soccer, playing on the team Gold Bottle, SFC - Santos Football Club, Santos-SP.

1998-1 Semester: his father was transferred to the team Fraldinha - Gold CRSG - Clube de Regatas Saldanha da Gama, in Santos - SP, where he remained only half a semester.

1998-2 Semester: The father moved to AAPS Team - Athletic Association Port of Santos, where he played for Team Silver until 2001.

In 2002 he returned to Golden, playing during the first half of the team Mirim AAPS.

2002-2 Semester: Transferred to the Mirim Team Gold GREMETAL - Grêmio Recreativo Metalworkers' Union of Saints, playing until the first half of 2003.

2003-2 Semester: Transferred to the Portuguese Team Gold Mirim Santos - Futsal Field.

2004-1 Semester: Transferred to the SFC Team Gold Mirim - Santos Futebol Clube - Futsal Field.

2005-2 Semester: Passed to play in the Coast Soccer Club (Pele) - Field.


Brief History Duymi Lage

Convened in 2003 for Selecting Santos Futsal.

Three trophies Featured

Best player of AAPS - Port of Santos - 2002 - Futsal Featured Player of the Year - GREMETAL - 2003 - Futsal Highlight the Best Educational Achievement - GREMETAL - 2003


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2005-03-09 23:28:50 by Racer_Ex

We lost a great one today. Rest In Peace, Mr Outside....
Glenn Davis, Mr. Outside of Army Backfield, Dies at 80
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The cause was complications of prostate cancer, said his stepson, John Slack III.
Davis, a speedy and elusive halfback, was known as Mr. Outside. Blanchard, a bruising fullback who won the Heisman as college football's top player in 1945, was Mr

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  • Avatar eddiepaxil How does more than one sports team have the same nickname?
    Jun 01, 2007 by eddiepaxil | Posted in Baseball

    In this age of everyone suing everyone. How is it that say the Miami Hurricanes haven't sued the Carolina Hurricanes? Does it have to do with using different logos or the different city names? I mean, if I bought an MLB expansion team in New Jersey could I legally call it the New Jersey Devils? Wondering what the law is on this.

    • Well there's been a few famous disputes about this sort of thing in was the Cleveland brown's when there owner left wanted to move the team to Baltimore

      the city of Cleveland said the the name of the brown …r />
      in the case of the raider's thinking they own L.A even though there not there doesn't make sence and of court didn't either to the court's.

      common sense is all that's needed in these thing's.

  • Avatar How are english (UK) schools different from american or mexican schools?
    Jan 14, 2011 by | Posted in Other - United Kingdom

    What are the teens types? Is hw harder? What are classes like an how long? When do they do sports?

    • The differences are... english go to UK schools, americans go to american schools and mexicans go to mexican schools.

  • Avatar Alex What type of clothes do guys wear nowadays?
    Nov 27, 2012 by Alex | Posted in Fashion & Accessories

    So I'm in college and I feel so out of the loop with what's cool to wear. My closet basically consists of just Nike, DC, and Puma t-shirts, and cargo shorts. I mostly buy my clothes at Marshalls or JC Penny. Where do most guys shop and what's in style today?

    • Marshalls is ok.
      Im a girl so I just go to: Forever 12. rue12. Platos closet (they have guys and girls clothes)........sometimes target for acc.

  • Avatar Victor G Is the color pink an official school color of any American college?
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    It doesn't have to be the primary school color.

    • Yes. Vassar College's traditional school colors are pink and gray. The colors were originally chosen to symbolize the dawn (pink) rising over the generally miserable (gray) state of women's education.

      Toda …a softer shade of red, which was thought to be a masculine hue. Back then, girls were dressed in light blue, which was thought to be more appropriately feminine. See how random the association of color and gender can be?