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Newcomers in the semifinal, Bauru and Uberlândia open this second series

Bauru and Uberlândia duelarão for a place in the decisionBauru and Uberlândia duelarão for a place in the decision Photo: LNB / Disclosure

New entrants in the semifinals of the Brazil Basketball,Paschoalotto / Bauru Basket and Unitri / Universe / Uberlândia start on Monday (13) at 19h,live broadcast channel STV, the duel worth a spot in the biggest championship big decision basketball country.

The first match of the series,played in five games better system,will the Gym Pressure Cooker, inside Bauru,as host.The next two meetings will be held in Uberlândia; fourth game,if necessary,back to the interior of São Paulo, and a fifth,also if necessary,returns to the mining triangle.

Uberlândia eliminated to reach the semi Pinheiros (Photo: LNB / Handout)

Teams reach the stage that brings together the four major forces of the season after undergoing exciting clashes in the quarterfinals.The Unitri / Universe / Uberlândia forward after clearing the Pinheiros / Sky,by three to two,turning the series that was in favor of the team from the capital.The Paschoalotto / Bauru, in turn,qualified after triumphing in the derby against Vivo / Franca also by three to two.

Bauru Uberlândia and ended the qualifying round with similar campaigns: the Paulistas were in fourth place with 24 wins and 10 losses (70.6% yield) as miners,with a more positive outcome,ended the regular season in third place,behind only Flamengo and Brasilia, respectively leader and deputy leader.

Host of the first duel of the series,Paschoalotto / Bauru accumulates retrospect positive working at home in the playoffs NBB5.The team led by Guerrinha remained unbeaten in the quarterfinals against France,always with a gym packed supplement for boosting the team in playoff.Photo: LNB / Disclosure The Dragon does not know what is lost in their fields for nearly two months: the last defeat was on February 21 against the League Sorocabana.

- We know the importance of this first match,because I guarantee the return of the series to Bauru (in a possible fourth game).We expect a very tough game and it should be decided in detail,as will the entire series.Cipolini holds absolute position pivot in Uberlândia (Photo: LNB / Handout) We have to be careful to get our goal is to open confrontation with a win,analyzed Ricardo Fischer, owner of Bauru.

Fischer celebrates classification with fans in Pressure Cooker (Photo: LNB / Handout)

On one hand Bauru arrives with his principal force,the Unitri / Universe / Uberlândia try to keep as stodgy visitor: staff mining triangle is the only member of the playoffs to win NBB5 unbeaten in playoff playing away from home .In the series against Pinheiros / Sky,won both games in St. Paul to go live in the title.In the regular season,he accumulated 10 wins in 17 road games,including a win against the own Bauru,in full Pressure Cooker,by 82-81 in the first round of the championship.

- We expect to continue the work we are doing from the beginning of the championship,looking always evaluating the best for us.We are living with injury problems,but the spirit of resilience within the team is very large.We have the humility to know what aspects we need to improve and we are confident,said coach Helio Rubens,Uberlândia.

Photo: LNB / Disclosure

The Paschoalotto / Bauru can enter the court with four major embezzlement. Fernando Fischer and Luke Avelino, injured,only to return in the next season and are certain absences in the semifinals. Agba Jeff, suspended by STJD indefinitely until Jhonatan,Franca, return to the court recovered from injury,awaits trial Bauru to get release by the court to go to the game,while DeAndre Coleman, highlight the team in the quarterfinals,had to hastily return to the United States to stay with his wife,who suffered serious accident in the country.

Uberlândia eliminated to reach the semi Pinheiros (Photo: LNB / Handout) Fischer celebrates classification with fans in Pressure Cooker (Photo: LNB / Handout) Larry had inspired day in the win against France (Photo: LNB / Handout)


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Mountain West Conference Fans/College Fans

2006-08-21 20:07:02 by joninaz

Please read and take action...
Basically we need to call our local cable companies and satellite providers and demand they add CSTV (which DirecTV just added), but also the new Mountain West channel, which is only available in just a few markets right now.
If we can get DirecTV to add the MW channel, for example, you'll get to watch about 9-10 football games per school this season, no matter where you live. Otherswise you might catch 1-3 on any national feed. Plus you get a ton of basketball games and other sports.
But we need action. We need you. Call and write BOTH your local provider and the national sat providers

Conference catch-up: ACC  —
It's simple: With all due respect to the Big Ten and its quality, the newly expanded ACC is the kingpin of college basketball.

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