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Vom College zu den Celtics: Brad Stevens // NY Daily NewsJuly 28th,2013 | Comments Off

There are a few particulars in college basketball that really touch me.Most of these are purely hypothetical."Shaka Smart goes to Kentucky" is a fantasy scenario and it would allow me to finally respect for many,many years and like the Wildcats again."Mike Krzyzewski at Duke remains until 2025."That would be another thing that would lead me to the release of various hormones - mainly positive.Big announcements so that then but have always outstanding character,that make me sit up are.

From College to the Celtics Brad Stevens / / NY Daily News

More surprising hit me in early July the news that Brad Stevens leaving Butler Bulldogs and will stand on the sidelines in the future for the Boston Celtics.After a moment of disorientation,I sat down and typed my first thoughts down on Facebook:

"A loss for college basketball,but also a great move for the Celtics.For me,Stevens was always the antithesis of coaches like Calipari.Hat auch künftig gut lachen: Brad Stevens He was a real coach,not a celebrity,an X and O type and not a recruiter.He will make his way in the NBA,but I'm going to miss his very specific style in the future Butler team. "

In principle,this sums up the situation very well: The Celtics get their rebuilding project a brilliant young coach.Butler must continue to try to form little attention from high school players great working collectives.Both can work out,but after two situations are also question marks.

Brad Stevens can have success in the NBA?

In the last 20 years a number of college coaches have taken the leap to the NBA.Embarked really has it not.Even if one looks back even further,the modest success of Rick Pitino the disastrous season of Jerry Tarkanian is (now back in college at Louisville,after he had in the meantime trained Kentucky and the Celtics) with the Knicks in the late 80s at the San Antonio Spurs 1992 compared with - Tark the Shark had accepted the offer of the Texans after 20 successful seasons at the UNLV Running Rebels during the season and still left the team,to enjoy his last years as a coach at Fresno State in the NCAA.

Since that time,eight coaches have made the leap from college to the NBA.Together they have 559 victories and 900 defeats retracted at the pros and achieved slender 3-12 in the playoffs.The only coach in this squad who can ever boast a winning record in the NBA,PJ Carlesimo is.He had the Seton Hall Pirates made in the 80s and early 90s to one of the hottest shows on 10 legs and mashed just as spectacular as successful basketball program from the ground.In 1994 he went to the Portland Trail Blazers in 1997,he moved to the Golden State Warriors.He will remain unforgotten for an embarrassing situation that shows that he also had problems with the transition from college to the NBA.In his first year at Golden State Carlesimo came in training with Latrell Sprewell together.The Guard choked his coach and gave him an elbow to the head before his teammates could tame him. Of course the incident primarily on the indiscipline of Sprewell is due,who was fired by the Warriors and banned from the league for a year.But it shows that especially the handling of the players in college requires very different skills than in the pros.


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Mountain West Conference Fans/College Fans

2006-08-21 20:07:02 by joninaz

Please read and take action...
Basically we need to call our local cable companies and satellite providers and demand they add CSTV (which DirecTV just added), but also the new Mountain West channel, which is only available in just a few markets right now.
If we can get DirecTV to add the MW channel, for example, you'll get to watch about 9-10 football games per school this season, no matter where you live. Otherswise you might catch 1-3 on any national feed. Plus you get a ton of basketball games and other sports.
But we need action. We need you. Call and write BOTH your local provider and the national sat providers

No. 14 Midland Sweeps on No. 17 Indiana Wesleyan, Bethel  — Victory Sports Network
13 Midland University moved to a perfect 6-0 on Friday, sweeping No.17 Indiana Wesleyan University and Bethel College on the opening day of the Grand View University Tournament. "I'm really happy to get two wins early in a very high quality tournament ..

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