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Good-Bye NASN, Hello ESPN America
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Today, allegedly by 24 clock, someone puts in Dublin to a switch and then NASN will make way for ESPN America.

Nearly four years ago I NASN - North American Sports Network - subscribed. According to my records on Easter Saturday, 26.03.2005. I just picked up the phone and let my dBox in Germany unlock cable for the digital home package. A few minutes later I had NASN on TV, and even then still rudimentary program was like nirvana for American sports fans. College basketball went to the Elite Eight Round (PREMIERE then increased until the Final Four one - yes, PREMIERE times showed college basketball) and I was stunned that the hour-long preliminary reports by CBS. Still trigger me the music for CBS college basketball Pavlovian reflexes: drooling, images of endless basketball battles felt thirty locations simultaneously. Gus Johnson. GUS JOHNSON!

(The ultimate college basketball game I've ever seen: March 23, 2006 Gonzaga - UCLA in the Sweet Sixteen)

I had a few days before my subscription got a call from the former press officer of NASN in Germany, Ulrike Schilling , who introduced me on the phone NASN.

NASN was indeed opened in Britain in 2002, but made ​​the jump to the mainland only in September 2005 with its own NASN Europe offshoot. The program then consisted mainly of MLB, College Basketball, MLB, CFL, MLB, Arena League and MLB. Legend has it that the exiled Americans Amory B Schwartz in England missed the local sports and teamed up with the Irish pay-TV operator Setanta and an investment from Paul Allen (ex-Microsoft, It Trailblazers, Ex-Seahawks) opened to NASN pull. NASN cleverest move in the early days was the use of unused transmission capacity of fiber optic cables, hardware ITV offshoot of a previous bankruptcy and the acquisition of rights for the MLB nobody was interested really in Europe. Schwartz got a package of 250 baseball games for under U.S. $ 1, 000 per game , which initially really much airtime was filled.

Nearly half a year after launch in Germany, I came as a subscriber and precipitated after two weeks, a quite positive conclusion . At the basic recipe of NASN has not changed much since then: barely existent editorial accompaniment, show the material as original as possible, including Gamebreaker, previews, etc. After the filling of the advertising breaks has become more diversified. Who turns on today, can not even remotely imagine what an ordeal it was about a year long to fill Werbereaks repeatedly with the same approximately five advertising spots. In memory of "Druids Glen Golf Resort" or "Sprite" immediately fogs up the glasses.


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Former Army football star Glenn Davis...R.I.P

2005-03-09 23:28:50 by Racer_Ex

We lost a great one today. Rest In Peace, Mr Outside....
Glenn Davis, Mr. Outside of Army Backfield, Dies at 80
Glenn Davis, the 1946 Heisman Trophy winner who teamed with Doc Blanchard on the undefeated Army teams of the mid-1940's to form college football's most celebrated backfield pairing, died yesterday at his home in La Quinta, Calif. He was 80.
The cause was complications of prostate cancer, said his stepson, John Slack III.
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But it was something to talk about (and we got to watch some cool CNN coverage.) Here's the thing: Even when military action is the right thing to do, we should treat is as a solemn thing.

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60-Year-Old Man Putting In Work: Got The Body Of A 20-Year-Old!
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The Final Minute of the National Title Game
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ESPN 30 for 30 There
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