CBS College basketball March Madness

Statewide playoff round of the NCAA College Cup (March Madness) - Final4
September-04-2006 - 17

26th enderlein Allgemein March 2013 enderlein General

The NCAA Championships (College America) can partially be followed live on the Internet or delayed under

Preview the matches of the last 16 teams:

March Madness
On the night of 08 on 09/04/2013
3:00 College Basketball: March Madness Championship Finals
Louisville Cardinals # 1 - # 4 Michigan Wolverines

Michigan (with sons of NBA stars, Coach Beilin)
Louisville (Ganzfeldpresse! Coach: Pitino)

Overall schedule ESPN (with CBS games):

Like last year, are currently the CBS LIVE broadcasts of March Madness, four matches per day, on not geogeblockt. All (!) Games, including the Turner transmissions are after the game via on-demand available in the archive, including half-time shows.

The NCAA archive with over 150 college basketball games last year in full, including all games since 2000 from the Sweet Sixteen phase. Incl. the generation of links that exact second you jump right into the scene and collection of all the game highlights for starting.

Schedule - overview:

Schedule and information can always be found on game day or the day before under

Background information (source
"March Madness" is the national playoffs in college basketball. The committee shall submit a set list for the 68 teams ("seeds") and thus determine the games for the playoffs. After eienr Play-In Round 4 places to play in 4 regions of 16 teams. Teams are ranked each of # 1 to # 16 and in the second round to play the # 1 against the # 16 seed. In the third round of the winners from 9 plays # 1 / # 16 against the winner of # 8 / # etc ... The four winners of the regions then meet each other in the Final Four. The playoff tree is divided into four "regions", each with 16 teams: East, West, South East and South West. Meet the winners of the four regions together in the Final Four. The "Regions" are not geographically-cheek term. The seedings try oversized home advantage, but also to avoid large long ways.


The best coaches:
Who trained who?:

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Former Army football star Glenn Davis...R.I.P

2005-03-09 23:28:50 by Racer_Ex

We lost a great one today. Rest In Peace, Mr Outside....
Glenn Davis, Mr. Outside of Army Backfield, Dies at 80
Glenn Davis, the 1946 Heisman Trophy winner who teamed with Doc Blanchard on the undefeated Army teams of the mid-1940's to form college football's most celebrated backfield pairing, died yesterday at his home in La Quinta, Calif. He was 80.
The cause was complications of prostate cancer, said his stepson, John Slack III.
Davis, a speedy and elusive halfback, was known as Mr. Outside. Blanchard, a bruising fullback who won the Heisman as college football's top player in 1945, was Mr

Dick Harmon: With BYU's schedule, wins could place Cougars in solid place  — Deseret News
Bronco Mendenhall and Tom Holmoe have BYU football on a track they believe will prepare them for whatever happens on the ever-changing college football scene. .. The power conferences are simply tired of having smaller schools dictate NCAA policy.

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2013 March Madness Betting Odds - College Basketball 28-29 Games
2013 March Madness Betting Odds - College Basketball 28-29 Games
March Madness Players Crying to Adele
March Madness Players Crying to Adele
1987-1992 CBS College Basketball Theme Music
1987-1992 CBS College Basketball Theme Music
Studio11 CBS March Madness College Basketball Theme
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Jim Larrañaga on Miami basketball
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  • Avatar lakaishoes17 Which sports analyst/writer is the best at March Madness?
    Feb 18, 2013 by lakaishoes17 | Posted in Basketball

    Is there a specific ESPN analyst or even an online writer for bleacher report or something that year after year always has a legit bracket when it comes to march madness? That's always a reliable source and you can trust when it comes to College Basketball.

    • My favourites are Seth Davis and Greg Anthony from CBS Sports.

  • Avatar CODY T Where can i watch the pittsburgh vs toledo college basketball game today?
    Dec 01, 2007 by CODY T | Posted in Basketball

    I live in pittsburgh, are there any websites that host live games or anything?

    • Unfortunately, I think you're stuck with ESPN's live gamecast. CBS Sportsline broadcasts live games for March Madness. I would consider going to and requesting this as a feature... it's a free forum where they talk about college basketball and your idea is a good one. Can they pull it off? Who knows but it's worth asking.

  • Avatar Becs What is the big basketball tournament called?
    Jun 08, 2009 by Becs | Posted in Basketball

    So I know how stupid I sound and I know I know it but I cannot think of it for the life of me. What is the "Super Bowl" of basketball called??
    THE FINALS!!!! DUHHHHH haha thank you!!

    • It is confusing because the college tournament after there are 16 teams left you hear,'sweet sixteen'. Then when it gets down to 4 teams you hear,'final four,'. But the general tournament of events is called march madnes …reepoint shoot out,rookies verse sophmores,East coast verse West coast allstar players, ect. They show old time legends, give out different awards. So somewhere in there is the "Superbowl" of basketball, maybe?

  • Avatar Nevada Where can I find professional March Madness bracket picks online?
    Mar 10, 2007 by Nevada | Posted in Basketball

    Some friends of mine are having a huge tournament pool, but I don't know jack about college basketball. Where can I look at some professional opinions?

    • On march 11th, you can go to any big sports website. ESPN, Yahoo Sports, CBSsportsline. Most will have them when they come out with the pairings. (brackets)