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Thomas "Tom" F. Cheek (* June 13 1939 in Pensacola , Florida , † October 9th 2005 in Oldsmar , Florida) was a radio announcer of the baseball games of the Toronto Blue Jays 1977-2004.

Tom Cheek attended the Cambridge School of Broadcasting in Boston, Massachusetts, after which he entered a first position at the University of Vermont as a reporter for live broadcasts of baseball, basketball , American football and ice hockey to, the way he talks about college basketball for the Mutual Radio Network. His career as a baseball reporter, he began 1974-1976 with the Montreal Expos as a radio reporter in parallel with broadcast and so-called swingman. In 1977 he was appointed by the Toronto Blue Jays to the official radio announcer and thus to the "Voice of the Blue Jays." His first partner was an expert by the end of 1980, the former pitcher Early Wynn . From then until his retirement in 2005 was Jerry Howarth his co-commentator, Howarth became his immediate successor. As an expert player of them stood a long time major leaguer Gary Matthews to the side.

When reporters Cheek is in Canada in popularity only by Foster Hewitt , the star reporter exceeded the Canadian hockey. The agreement radio station Cheek and thus the Blue Jays was CKFH 1430 (founded by Hewitt and later renamed CJCL and FAN 590), all other stations took over the broadcasts from there. Tom Cheek reported between 7 April 1977 and the third June 2004 of all 4303 games the Blue Jays. Only the death of his father, and a short time later his own cancer took him away from the microphone. The Blue Jays honored him with a banner at the Skydome throughout the MLB season 2004, which showed in addition to the award of "Level of Excellence" the number 4306 as a jersey number - three games because of rain precipitated were counted there. After the removal of a brain tumor, he returned only at home games sporadically returned to the microphone, his last inning he commented at the opening game of the 2005 season.

Except for baseball Cheek was also for ABC Sports as a commentator at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid and in 1984 in Sarajevo active.


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Mountain West Conference Fans/College Fans

2006-08-21 20:07:02 by joninaz

Please read and take action...
Basically we need to call our local cable companies and satellite providers and demand they add CSTV (which DirecTV just added), but also the new Mountain West channel, which is only available in just a few markets right now.
If we can get DirecTV to add the MW channel, for example, you'll get to watch about 9-10 football games per school this season, no matter where you live. Otherswise you might catch 1-3 on any national feed. Plus you get a ton of basketball games and other sports.
But we need action. We need you. Call and write BOTH your local provider and the national sat providers

No. 14 Midland Sweeps on No. 17 Indiana Wesleyan, Bethel  — Victory Sports Network
13 Midland University moved to a perfect 6-0 on Friday, sweeping No.17 Indiana Wesleyan University and Bethel College on the opening day of the Grand View University Tournament. "I'm really happy to get two wins early in a very high quality tournament ..

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  • Avatar Another Perspective What was so special about the NBA in the 80s and early 90s? Is it the players, the announcers, or what?
    Aug 05, 2007 by Another Perspective | Posted in Basketball

    I just watched the Celtics vs Lakers Game 7 final from 1984. Why was the NBA so great back then and not so hot today? I like the NBA today, but not like it was back then, your thoughts...

    • I wasn't watching basketball back then but I heard the NBA was a real mess back in the 70s where no one really cared about the NBA. Most of the players were on cocaine or some other mess and NBA finals games were shown o …I don't think the NBA today is bad but I think money has totally messed up the game. There are still a lot of young great talent in the NBA. Sure there is a different element in today's NBA but i still enjoy watching it.

  • Avatar burnside 2020 African American athlete makes a winning 3pointer, announcer says "wow, he is so naturally gifted"....
    Apr 22, 2008 by burnside 2020 | Posted in Basketball

    White athlete makes the same shot, announcer says "he definitely earned that one by hard practice"

    Any thoughts?
    Race is the key topic here... any thoughts about this?
    OMG it's MILEY, you nailed it... now can anyone elaborate...???
    good answer Tony E. I haven't witnessed it myself.. but it was a topic in my sports psychology class.

    • Having not heard either of those statements from a basketball announcer, I don't really think much on it. If you've heard it, then ok, I would think it would be racism, even if it's subconscious. But isn't the whole poin … black player like Shaq, a white guy like Pau Gasol or even a Chinese guy like Yao Ming. Height is a bonus but I have friends up near 6'10" who played in college but didn't make the pros, so it's not the only thing.

  • Avatar DolphinSquirrel Did you know?
    Jun 29, 2006 by DolphinSquirrel | Posted in Wrestling

    - Al Snow's Head, was the model for Mankind's Mask.

    - The Rock won the WWF Title 15 years to the day that his father and Tony Atlas won the WWF Tag Titles.

    - Vince McMahon always wanted to be …ired at Florida State University!

    - Mr. Bob Backlund was a wrestling teacher at Central Connecticut State Collage!

    - That Ahmed Johnson used to be a pro Football player for the Dallas Cowboys.

    • I never knew any of that stuff.

  • Avatar Cazzbaa Why do people continuously confuse the word "Jews" as a race?
    Sep 11, 2011 by Cazzbaa | Posted in Words & Wordplay

    We constantly hear the term "Jew OR Jews" interchangeably used in both the religious and biological context by the media and those who use the media to share a particular message, but no matter who and no matter why the …on that person (A) is a Christian after giving his height and weight measure's as though there is some biological connection between person (A) and his measures & his religion??
    It is very puzzling indeed.

    • The word Jew refers to people who adhere to the Jewish religion. Hebrews and Arabs are both Semites and their languages are both Semitic, regardless of religion.
      I'm pro-Palestinian and it really annoys me when people say I am anti-Semitic.