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Basketball at Brebeuf: pleasure in the pursuit of excellence

Basketball embodies the sporting tradition of the College.For decades,the quality of supervision,the number and quality of training,the high level of competition,the structure of teams (2 teams only in Secondary 1,for example) and games across the province ,Canada and the United States have allowed generations of students an enriching experience while often reaching the highest level.

Brebeuf is recognized for having one of the best men's basketball programs in Quebec,winning no less than 31 provincial championships in the past 22 years. Our youth team won the provincial AAA School AAA Championship 9 times since 2000,as reported in April RDS (the part touching the College starts at 1:45).

Our players are often able to enter the ranks of teams "Hope" and be selected by the Quebec team.Our stars are recruited by college teams,and some of our old get scholarships to play at the university level in Quebec and in the NCAA in the United States.

Jean-François Allard,program manager of basketball

514 342-9342 ext 5439

@ jean-francois.allard


Neb. college men's basketball team on probation.: An article from: Community College Week
Book (Cox, Matthews & Associates)

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Women basketball players wanted

2006-07-28 00:31:24 by baller604

Our women’s basketball team is looking for new players to play in a Fall League. We have lost players due to pregnancies, school and other commitments. We would need players who have played before and understand the rules of the game. The league itself is not an advanced league but definitely not beginner at all. We are looking for people who have played high school basketball (ie: recent grads) and possibly some college (some players we are replacing played for Capilano College). We are not looking for any particular position, just a certain skill level.
When: Mid September – Mid December
Where: Strathcona Community Center 601 Keefer St (Chinatown)
Time: Games start either at 5:30, 7pm or 8:30 (may differ depending on number of teams in league)
Fee: about $35 per...

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