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DEFEAT OF THE FRENCH FACE AUGUSTANA COLLEGE This Saturday, July 27, 2013, at the Stadium Lille Métropole, France senior team bowed out with honor against the American team of Augustana College with a score of 20-14.

A BIG congratulations to the Nord-Pas-de-Calais league for the beautiful organization of the meeting.

A beautiful afternoon Football. This is how we can summarize this game event played Saturday at the Stadium Lille Metropole before a large enthusiastic audience. After a one-week course CREPS Reims, the Blues wanted to test in the context of the Euro and we can say that the opposition proved to par.

Opponents of the day, the Augustana Vikings come from the depths of Illinois near the border with Iowa.Crédit : Queen's University Naysayers will point out that the U.S. is training an obscure college NCAA III but it is clear that it is at this level evolve the best European training.

This Friday, July 25 at noon, the team of France took the lead in the Lille Metropole stadium in Villeneuve d'Ascq after 4 days of training CREPS Reims, so it's time to debrief with coach Larry Legault the 4 day course that just ended and were placed under the motto of "effort and enthusiasm."

An initial assessment?

We have a good group of people willing to work hard. It is clear that there will be an interesting challenge to the attack Augustana plays a quite difficult to defend triple option, but that is precisely why we wanted to play this kind of game. This allows to move the group towards the goal France 2014.

This course helped refine the idea of the group will go to the European Championship in 2014? Or is it too early?

It is still too early to know the 45 will make the trip in 2014. But of course there is a core that forms gradually as internships go. It has a broader and more interesting group identified. That said, competitions will be held in a year so it is always unknown as the availability of players next summer knowing that the competition will require three weeks of availability in May-June.

The course of Reims is now completed, what will be the priority in terms of work to match Saturday afternoon?

Our approach is to continue to progress to the kickoff of the game. The heavy work is done but the mental work it is still relevant and even takes the ascendancy of physical intensity.


Since Monday 14h, traffic seniors have put their cleats on the side of CREPS Reims for a week of training before the match against Augustana College Saturday at Lille Metropole Stadium in Villeneuve d'Ascq.

The first day was during a light practice, but also and especially a rally team or coach Larry Legault input recalled the objectives of this course: the European Championships in 2014 where France will seek the continental supremacy.

Crédit : Thomas DEPEAPE

Source: www.fffa.org

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I fucking hate casual Fridays.

2009-10-09 12:14:24 by MrTheHorse

All the blacks at work have started wearing these huge oversized football jerseys every Friday.
They also love having loud animated discussions in the hallway regarding the merits of various teams and players.
My only consolation is that none of these half-wits will ever be promoted or asked to come work here on the top floor where you need a college degree to get a job (unless they're delivering the mail).

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