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The General Student Committee (student union) represents the students' interests both within the university as well as to non-university organizations, such as student services, RMV, etc. The student council cares that the student is a student council semester ticket available, he lends it offers assistance in cases of hardship, promotes the exchange with students from other universities, is working to improve the Überaumsituation, organized parties, football tournament, college sports and other events and serves on the student council Aufnahmeprüflinge information booth during the entrance exam week.

The student council is elected from the ranks of the Student Parliament, in turn, composed of 12 representatives who chooses her at the beginning of each year. You also want to participate in StuPa? Then let you set up the next election! We welcome any active committee member!

Oh yes StuPa meetings are public! So who is interested in current higher education policy issues, or have ideas to improve his studies, will pass. The date of the meetings, you can find out the student union board in the foyer or contact:

Student council

Student Parliament

  • Julia Hess (StuPa President)
  • Theresa Winterer (Vice-President StuPa)
  • Amanda Becker (Trust student)
  • Carlo Eisenmann (trust student)
  • Benedict Fox
  • Vanessa Katz
  • Philippe Schwaz
  • Theresa Winterer

As of 01.06.2012


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  • Avatar super monkey How many honors should a student have?
    Apr 08, 2011 by super monkey | Posted in Higher Education (University +)

    I want to attend a top tier school (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, and more). About how many honors should a person applying to these colleges have?
    i mean honros like academic distinctions or awards. It's a section in the common application.

    • As many as you can possibly take on. In general I would say take no mare than a couple standard classes (or as few as possible) through out high school. Try to make A's in virtually all honors and standard classes.
      …edictorians. There aren't too many kids who have published a book or started a non-profit.

      Lastly, keep in mind that even if you don't get into Harvard, you could still get into pretty much any where else.