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Gonzalo Santana a grancanario at the High School of Rajon Rondo and Carmelo Anthony

In the prestigious Oak Hill point guard is 1.78 m.that could reach the NCAA in 2013/2014.

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Marco Porcher was the pioneer and Gonzalo Santana has followed in his footsteps.The grancanario of 17 years and 1.78 m.months was chosen by the prestigious High School where Brandon Jennings,Carmelo Anthony,Jerry Stackhouse,Josh Smith,Rajan Rondo,Ty Lawson,Michael Beasley,Kevin Durant DeSagana Diop and passed.In late October began playing in a competition of High School where his team hopes to match last season's 44-0.I go with 1-0.

Gonzalo Santana is living the dream of some of the Americans who want to study in one of the most demanding training institutions and U.S. competitive,Oak Hill.Among woods and lost almost nothing in the state of Virginia (remember the movie 'The forest?') Is located in the center that free time is based on study and play basketball.

Recall that Oak Hill Academy is a school that belongs to the Baptist church,very conservative and rigorous,where there is a line that separates the boys from the girls.Which transferred,expelled.There's only community telephone and nearest major city,Charlotte North Carolina,is around 3 hours drive.It is a hard school where some students arrive with questionable behavior and poor grades.This policy does not affect basketball team where notes,behavior and performance before coming to Oak Hill and then the track should be outstanding not to be sent off during the season.

Coach Smith is the coach most recognized U.S. after 28 years of experience and does not allow the slightest mistake. Neither inside nor outside the runway.Oak Hill Academy is in the middle of nowhere.Just snuff plantations.No mobile coverage,only community phone."Just play basketball,study and sleep.That's all I need now,"says Gonzalo.In principle have no Facebook because it is blocked but there are ways to trick the wifi coach who does have free internet access."Despite what the school told me up for being so isolated from the world.For all studies.The only thing I can do is study and note that this course has a lot in getting a scholarship to play and study in a good American university.At the moment I get along,"says Gonzalo from the state of Virginia,where the High School is located where you can be alone this year and that the next course will be him and senior.

The bearing housing scheme is unconscionable. From 6:15 to 7 there is a personal training frequently.From 8-14 h.go to class and from 14 to 16:30 trains (sometimes even longer).At 17:45 dinner!and then does homework to finish before 21:30,when turning off the light."This school is pretty tough,but thanks to this exclusive system'm getting good grades."In the first quarter of the year,has averaged 9.6 on average.

Readers may wonder why there has been: "My sister Alejandra was studying in Washington DC at American University.Always wanted to play basketball and study in the U.S.For three summers I went to a campus of Las Vegas and another in Florida and finally decided to stay at the IMG Academy in Florida.It was a good school but decided to seek a better competition.Here the style is much send videos to the coaches and I did.I was lucky that my 'coach' current found me.It's a bit distant but knows basketball.He has coached 12 NBA players and has 28 years in school. They note that controls ".


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2013-07-14 09:21:52 by -

..and boatloads of Vietnamese/Asian refugees came to America, most of them had only the clothing on their backs.
As a group they started with nothing. They didn't even speak English.
So, they got tossed into the "welfare system". The same system that was supposedly holding the black man down. But it didn't hold the Vietnamese down. No.
As a group, they soon learned enough English, got jobs, and got OFF welfare. They started and ran successful businesses. Their kids did well in school and went to college and got good jobs as engineers, doctors, etc.

J. Edgar Hoover, ‘Sex Deviates’ and My Godfather

2011-11-26 07:04:10 by porkpiehat
November 25, 2011 / Opinion
JUST before Christmas in 1952, J. Edgar Hoover, the director of the F.B.I., let President Dwight D. Eisenhower know that the man Eisenhower had appointed as secretary to the president, his friend and chief of staff, my godfather, Arthur H. Vandenberg Jr., was a homosexual.
It was part of a pattern of persecution that would destroy thousands of lives and careers. Earlier that year, the American Psychiatric Association’s manual had classified homosexuality as a kind of madness, and Republican senators had charged that homosexuality in the Truman administration was a national security threat

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