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The Past

"The sports association of Blue Star is designed to propagate and spread the practice of amateur sports among young people, as an element of healthy physical education and spiritual."

These words of Article 1 of the Statute, which remained unchanged since 1948, are symptomatic of the spirit that animates the company. For those attending the sporting world, and the basketball in particular, the name of Stella Azzurra evokes memories definitely exciting and alive.

Immediately after the war, under the leadership of Mario frére Grottanelli, begins a selection of young players who dispute the first basketball games in the courtyard of the College De Merode, in a field bounded by two plane trees which were hanging baskets. Away from the school year 1938-39, the athletes of the Stella Azzurra have written important pages in a variety of sports and especially in basketball goals have been achieved unexpected.

From the moment, year after year, promotion after promotion, comes the Serie A, the Stella Azzurra becomes sporting heritage of the entire capital city and across the nation. Fourteen athletes in National 2 investments to Korac Cup (1975/1977), 22 years of militancy in Serie A, 2 times quarters in the top division. The Blue Star can boast the likes of Presidents Chiaria, Castles, Acciari, Hausmann; Coaches such as Ferrero, Happy, Costanzo, Bianchini, Gebbia; Important players such as Rocchi, Pomilio, Dal Pozzo, Spinetti, Sorenson, Vecchiato, Gilardi.

The Stella Azzurra accounted for more than thirty years a good example not only for the quality and the level of its athletes, but also for an innovative management approach that placed among its main objectives to get a different role for basketball in 'scope of the city's social fabric, and in particular has meant that this sport, elitist and little known, it spread among young people, purchasing a even wider audience.

The policy pursued has contributed to the growth and development of basketball as part of the sports landscape not only metropolitan, but national. E 'for this reason that major sponsors have wanted to tie its brand to the history of Stella Azzurra, pleased to be able to show in their' business card 'next to your name to this Company. The Present and the Future

Now, finally, the Stella Azzurra has his brand new sports center, the Arena Happy-PalaPostePay, where concentrates all its various activities cestistiche in the three basketball courts that arise in the area; also provided with housing in the guesthouse of the company some guys who fight in the youth teams, selected throughout the country, so as to enable them to engage in the best way the various activities that both cestistiche school, thus referring to the model of the American college where players are not followed only from the point of view of sport, but also from education. In addition to this, a staff athletic and health always available allows management and monitoring of the physical state of the kids almost constantly. Currently the players who are part of the project are 22 and range from '96 to '90 class, and several of them have already been summoned to meetings of national teams category.

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Kudos back to you. Sounds like

2009-10-28 12:40:13 by yourontheright

One day they grow up and develop ideas of their own (grown up ideas). Depending on their ideas, that's when you know you've done it right.
Pretty amazing when that happens.
What man wouldn't be proud of his son as the high school QB and college bound with a full scholarship? I know their dad knows because we live in a small town and football and basketball are the world to most of us.
Games fall on Friday nights and that is his night to be at the strip bar.
When I look back, sometimes I could kick myself for marrying that man, but when I look at my children, I know why I did and smile.

And don't forget about this!

2007-07-06 15:58:48 by beachdaddio

My former girlfriend tried to give up our children for adoption for money so she could have a nice car and pay for college. I could not understand why she would do such a thing. I am fighting the adoptions and requesting full custody.
One thing that motivated her, she was abandoned by her father when she was a child. Because of that she has little regard of the role of the father in the family. Also, her mother never put any effort into bringing another male role model into the family, and also her mother never tried to put an effort into bringing the true father back.
When my former girlfriend was in high school she played basketball at Cocoa Beach High School all the other girls' fathers showed up to watch thier daughters play basketball but noone showed up for her, this...

Louisville, Memphis enter as favorites in league's first official season  — ESPN
The American Athletic Conference will be deep in its inaugural season, with as many as five programs having a strong chance to reach the NCAA tournament.

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