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The world of American football is full of emotion and dramatic stories, filmmakers have long since discovered in Hollywood for themselves. The stories often writes like the sport itself, as many football movies based on true events - including the majority of my selection of the best films that deal in one way or another with American football.

Top list of the best American football movies

Invincible - Invincible

This film is based on a true story that happened in the 70s. The 30-year-old substitute teacher Vince Papale (Mark Wahlberg) has just lost his job, and to make matters worse, his wife has also left him.

Just at this time, the professional team of the Philadelphia Eagles breaks new ground. In a kind of casting anyone can imagine with the Eagles, and give to the best of his ability. Papale is encouraged by friends to participate in the training and creates tatsächhlich the only one made it into the first team. Here the battle really begins, because his teammates despise the newcomer from the working class and make his life as difficult as possible.

The film is a classic underdog story of a simple man who remains steadfast against all odds, to be finally recognized. The role is Mark Wahlberg cut to a tee. Wahlberg's family lived at the poverty level, as a teenager, he often came into conflict with the law and was a member of a street gang. I see this actor in this film very much and he convinces all along the line.

The viewer is immediately on the side of the underdog. In addition, make great football scenes, 70s rock feel and film music this film special.

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Trailer for the movie "Invincible":

Any Given Sunday

It is not going well for the aging legendary coach (Al Pacino) of the Miami Sharks. After a botched start of the season, he also has to his injured star quarterback (Dennis Quaid) replace. Imitation Willie Beaming (Jamie Foxx) has talent, but reveals characteristic weaknesses that are counterproductive in American football. In addition, the power-hungry daughter (Cameron Diaz), the team owner wants to get rid of the coach sooner rather than later. A beautiful story about a football coach who has to realize that American football has turned into a gigantic market. This is controlled by greedy people for whom the sport has no more meaning.


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Why isn't there affirmative action in sport??

2006-10-22 11:59:15 by Double_standard?

Why don't they have affirmative quota programs in collegiate athletics like they do on the academic side of colleges?
If "diversity" is so important on the academic side of a university then it goes to reason it should be the same on the athletic side. But there are no affirmative action quota spots in collegiate athletics. There are plenty minority groups that are not allowed the same opportunities in organized collegiate athletics as certain groups have. There should be more Asian, Hispanic, Native American and women players on college football, baseball and basketball teams to meet the goals of "diversity"

Dude's full of shit

2004-03-24 09:31:29 by KBD

"No one can argue college basketball is better off with the serious talent drain"
Here, let me argue just that.
If there were dominant talents in the NCAA today, someone who would just take a game over and win it on talent and skill, the games would suck. No team would be able to touch that player, let alone his team, and they would coast all the way to the finals.
As it is, we have that magic word that has made the NFL the most popular American sport. And no, it's not gambling. It's parity. Every team wants it, and with the big guns gone before they even get to college or leaving after a year or two, you'll never see a UCLA-like franchise

Day 3 in the DR  — NCAT Aggies
Conrady is the national director of Score International, a Christian ministry that in part invites American college basketball teams to the Dominican to witness a different culture. “We're going to visit some young women who have had very rough ..

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