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American University men's basketball powerhouse ASU went to China in August against CBA teams
10 Sleepers for 2013-14 All-American Team in NCAA Basketball

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American college basketball team at Arizona State University (ASU) Sun Devils men's basketball team in the 16 August 2013 and 18 August with the CBA's Fujian men's basketball club were in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province and Guangxi Nanning City for two Friendlies. These two American basketball game by Tiger bashing (Shanghai) Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and American University organized sports leagues PAC-12 co-US basketball exchange component.

PAC-12 is a western United States, including Arizona State University, including a twelve-known universities college sports leagues. PAC-12 member universities with unparalleled sporting achievements known, worked in 28 sports men and women has made 459 national championship, as the nation's best.

ASU men's basketball team is the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in an evergreen tree, once trained ‧ James Harden (now plays for the Houston Rockets) and Byron ‧ Scott (ret.), and many other NBA superstar , now is talented and has the NBA Draft popular players Jahii Carson and Jordan Bachynski high attention to student players.

Located in the Greater Phoenix, Arizona area of ​​Arizona State University students in the United States in one of the largest universities and Shanghai Jiaotong University published in 2012, "Academic Ranking of World Universities" ranked No. 79.

For the Fujian team, the CBA this season is also a good warm-up match, they have hailed as the next rising star Wangzhe Lin Chinese NBA player, CBA and the famous dunk king Zhaotailong composition teacher coaching team last season won the CBA League XIII name, unlimited potential.

This series tournament will serve as the Tiger bashing organized in cooperation with the PAC-12 as part of Sino-US sports exchanges, between the two countries aimed at promoting sports, cultural exchanges and friendly cooperation.

In addition to a high level of basketball against the outside, this series of competitions for the Arizona State University player who will be a unique and profound cultural experience.

Arizona State University men's basketball coach Herb ‧ Sang Deke (Herb Sendek) In a recent interview, said: "We are the team for the upcoming trip to China was very honored and excited, this is for our team members will would be a perfect opportunity to race and cultural experiences we cherish this visit China this wonderful country, to participate in international competitions and to the Chinese audience round display Arizona State University and our basketball team the opportunity and we are looking forward to visit understand the history of 5000 years of the kingdom.


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Why isn't there affirmative action in sport??

2006-10-22 11:59:15 by Double_standard?

Why don't they have affirmative quota programs in collegiate athletics like they do on the academic side of colleges?
If "diversity" is so important on the academic side of a university then it goes to reason it should be the same on the athletic side. But there are no affirmative action quota spots in collegiate athletics. There are plenty minority groups that are not allowed the same opportunities in organized collegiate athletics as certain groups have. There should be more Asian, Hispanic, Native American and women players on college football, baseball and basketball teams to meet the goals of "diversity"

Dude's full of shit

2004-03-24 09:31:29 by KBD

"No one can argue college basketball is better off with the serious talent drain"
Here, let me argue just that.
If there were dominant talents in the NCAA today, someone who would just take a game over and win it on talent and skill, the games would suck. No team would be able to touch that player, let alone his team, and they would coast all the way to the finals.
As it is, we have that magic word that has made the NFL the most popular American sport. And no, it's not gambling. It's parity. Every team wants it, and with the big guns gone before they even get to college or leaving after a year or two, you'll never see a UCLA-like franchise

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