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PrologueThe declaration of principles Children and Sport has been drafted by a joint committee convened by the Australian Confederation of Sport (CAS), which includes representatives from the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Leisure (ACHPER) and the Australian Federation of Sports Medicine (ASMF).Represents the point of view of professionals who love the sport and want children to purchase a lifetime commitment to the sport through regular participation.The statement has been presented in summary form for general distribution especially parents affiliated sports clubs.As a comprehensive statement, it is expected that national sporting bodies carefully consider encouraging clubs and member associations to adopt the recommendations contained therein.The ACHPER is a national association that provides educational and vocational support for people working in the fields of health education, physical education, leisure, sport and dance.The Council is a federation of state organizations in which major initiatives are coordinated through a national executive.The Australian Federation of Sports Medicine is a national organization of health care professionals dedicated to monitor the health care of all sports-related people of the community.An important part of this function is to meet the special needs of children who play sports, ensuring the stimulation of a strong commitment to research in this field and maintenance of the prevention and treatment of sports-related injuries and as recovery of normal function as primary concerns.The Australian Sports Confederation is "the voice of the industry" of sport in Australia, whose objectives are related to the development and promotion of sport.It consists of 121 national sports associations, and directed by a board that coordinates a wide range of initiatives.

The declaration was adopted at the annual general meeting of the Confederation of Sports, held in Melbourne in December 1983.

Hey Wendy - Coordinator.
Sport for children

The fundamental goal of youth sports is to promote participation in physical activity in a way that favors the beneficial effects immediate and long term participants. Such effects become apparent in the form of a higher level of physical fitness, improved health, social integration and satisfaction nicer derived from a good performance in individual and group activities.

This statement focuses on sport for children before the onset of puberty, especially between the ages of 10 and 13.

The period between 10 and 13 years is critical in developing a positive attitude to participation in the sport for a lifetime. This stage is the optimal time for children to acquire the physical skills necessary for successful participation in sport, and to apply those skills in modified games. Children this age readily accept and willingly physical challenges of the sport, and can gradually develop the ability to cope with the psychological demands of competitive gaming.


Arctic sports medicine: Proceedings of the First 1987 Alaska Regional Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine Conference
Book (Artic Sports Medicine/Human Performance Laboratory, Center for High Latitude Health Research, School of Health Sciences, University of Alaska, Anchorage)

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If you had read ExMedic's and RF-MD's posts

2012-06-29 11:11:30 by Otto_Negme

Carefully, you would have realized that death is not the only outcome of interest.
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Part II

2005-01-03 11:25:36 by citydweller

One of the leading international voices on hyponatremia is Tim Noakes, a sports science professor at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, who has published scores of articles on the perils of overdrinking.
Noakes' advice is to drink only when thirsty, because the body will instinctively know when it needs water. But critics say his benchmark is impossible to measure.
Studies have shown that hyponatremic victims are more likely to be female and athletes who have slower finishing times, but researchers do not know why.
The American College of Sports Medicine acknowledges that hyponatremia is a concern, but fears that too much emphasis on overhydrating may cause athletes to ignore drinking altogether

Short Bursts of Intense Exercise

2012-10-27 08:30:53 by Otto_Negme

Can Fight Weight Gain
'Is lack of time your excuse for not exercising? New research finds that just a few minutes of intense activity interspersed between less intense stretches of exercise will burn excess calories all day long.'
'Men participating in a small study burned an additional 200 calories a day by doing a workout for less than 25 minutes that included a few minutes of hard, intense exercise on a stationary bike, spaced between less intense activity.'
'The technique, called sprint-interval training, is used by athletes to improve performance

The Urgency—and the Challenge—of Connecting Sports, Race, and Genetics  — The Atlantic
But I remember being at the 2012 American College of Sports Medicine Conference, talking to the head of the physiology department at a major research university.

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  • Avatar pretty_and_smart08 I'm 14 and want to be a heart surgeon. Can anyone give me some good learning websites and any advice?
    Jun 26, 2008 by pretty_and_smart08 | Posted in Other - Careers & Employment

    Any good websites to help me learn more about what i need to know and any advice to help me kickstart my medical career would be so great! i know i'm only young but why not start learning now? my school is rural australian and hopeless! We don't learn anything so i'm learning myself.

    thanks guys!

    • How about sitting in the galley during an actual heart surgery at the local hospital.

      Some hospitals have them, some don't.

      Go into the phone book and look up cardiologist.

      Offer to take one to lunch, these people have to eat, AND they can give you the inside scoop about exactly what you are getting yourself into.