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Damien Constantin will not play in Ahuntsic

The Jeromien Damien Constantin is committed to a successful career in professional football. Photo by Claude Cormier CDM

The Jeromien Damien Constantin is committed to a successful career in professional football.

Considered one of the top prospects in college football in Quebec, the offensive lineman Damien Constantin St. Jerome did not play for Ahuntsic College next season as he had announced last November.

"Since the news was leaked that he had chosen Ahuntsic, the phone has not stopped ringing at home, said his father Francis. We spent several hours on the phone with recruiters from different football teams, "he says, adding that the Ahuntsic Indians tried by all means to convince Damien to join their ranks, but in vain.

"Their athletic director, former Alouette Gabriel Grégoire, and his assistant called to the home turn to change their minds to Damien. They are upset to have lost the best offensive lineman in Quebec, according to them, but Damien has other plans in mind. "

Recruiters home

Next Saturday, in the morning, Damien will be at the camp of Quebec team training for the parts that will be played this summer in New Brunswick. Thereafter, he returns home to St. Jerome, where wait ten coaches college soccer teams, including Sébastien Lévesque, representative of a private college in the Quebec City area and recognized as the rusher in the history of the Rouge et Or Laval University.

"If we get teams, says the father, is that there was a leak like what Damien chose to change his plans. Only a few teams are aware at this time. When others hear the news, we bet they want to be heard too. "

Among the expected guests at the home of Constantine, the head coach of the Railwaymen for the Cégep de Saint-Jérôme, Gino Perreault, has already confirmed his presence.

"He notified his athletic director Damien he wants to have in his team. It is certain that Damien would like to play in St. Jerome, but the competition is very fierce, "says Constantine.

Barely 16 years old, Damien Constantin measures 6 feet 6 inches and weighs 285 pounds. Last year, he played for the youth team of the Patriots of St. Stanislaus.


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I fucking hate casual Fridays.

2009-10-09 12:14:24 by MrTheHorse

All the blacks at work have started wearing these huge oversized football jerseys every Friday.
They also love having loud animated discussions in the hallway regarding the merits of various teams and players.
My only consolation is that none of these half-wits will ever be promoted or asked to come work here on the top floor where you need a college degree to get a job (unless they're delivering the mail).

(5) Georgia (0-0) at (8) Clemson (0-0-) (ET)  — The State
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