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Ryan Grigson named Colts general manager, former Eagles exec takes

Mitchell Shannon Berger (born June 24 1972 in Kamloops , British Columbia , Canada ) is a Canadian American football player . He plays as a punter in the National Football League (NFL).

Berger played at the high school Canadian football and basketball . At his high school football team he plays as a kicker , punter and as a quarterback . Because of his athletic achievements, he was elected both as basketball players and American football players in the national team. Berger studied at Tyler Junior College , where he is the All American and brought to the University of Colorado at Boulder . In 1994 he was of the Philadelphia Eagles in the sixth round of 193 Place of the NFL Draft drawn. In 1995, he played actively for Minnesota Vikings , St. Louis Rams , New Orleans Saints , Arizona Cardinals , and Pittsburgh Steelers . With the Steelers winning the Super Bowl XLIII . He puntete three times in this game, scoring an average of 46.3 yards. Berger is now with the Denver Broncos under contract [2] .

Berger has been twice to the All-Pro selected and played in two Pro Bowls , the final game of the season best player of the season.

Berger is co-owner of a restaurant chain [3] . One of his business partner Steve Passmore , a former hockey player , who is also at the Adler Mannheim was active.

  1. Körpermaße von Berger ↑ body measurements of Berger
  2. Verpflichtung von Mitch Berger ↑ commitment of Mitch Berger
  3. Restaurantkette ↑ restaurant chain


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Mountain West Conference Fans/College Fans

2006-08-21 20:07:02 by joninaz

Please read and take action...
Basically we need to call our local cable companies and satellite providers and demand they add CSTV (which DirecTV just added), but also the new Mountain West channel, which is only available in just a few markets right now.
If we can get DirecTV to add the MW channel, for example, you'll get to watch about 9-10 football games per school this season, no matter where you live. Otherswise you might catch 1-3 on any national feed. Plus you get a ton of basketball games and other sports.
But we need action. We need you. Call and write BOTH your local provider and the national sat providers

No. 14 Midland Sweeps on No. 17 Indiana Wesleyan, Bethel  — Victory Sports Network
13 Midland University moved to a perfect 6-0 on Friday, sweeping No.17 Indiana Wesleyan University and Bethel College on the opening day of the Grand View University Tournament. "I'm really happy to get two wins early in a very high quality tournament ..

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