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Holmenkol Textile Wash & Hygienic against odors

Monday,August 8th,2013 Functional underwear is an interesting development of the last twenty years.Shirts dry quickly,shorts sweat away from the skin forward over the fabric to the outside.Depending on the fabric of the life functional underwear is,however,limited.I do not mean that such a material is "destroyed" is,but the clothing is not quite odor-free wash after several passages.Either one helps himself with a strongly scented detergent,which for a time is fine.Or to throw the shirt in the function of waste and concern a new one.Or you can use is hygiene sprays or washing hygiene of Holmenkol.

The special detergent concentrate for functional textiles of Holmekol ("Textile Wash") is simply added to the washing machine or hand wash at low temperatures and also allows a hygienic wash that leaves no odors. For equipment that is not suitable for washing machine,such as helmets,shoes or major pieces of equipment such as shoulder pads in American football,Holmenkol has a hygiene spray ("Sport Hygienic") with the same effect as the Textile Wash.The Hygiene Spray is also suitable for travel or sports bag.Thus the maintenance of equipment on the road is very easy.Sprayed over night in the shoes or treats the inner helmet,and off you go again unmolested.

Stats College and Pro Players

Friday,September 4th,2009 For all fans of statistics this time I have the correct database,which is really big and lots of College Pros and contains 1.7 million athletes and 20, 000 teams from 23 sports!The database is called fan base and includes pretty much everything you could want in a Almanac.

Individual players or teams can be queried directly from the search box.This gives a lot of information and a ton of links.YouTube Preview Image Great deal,that's still free!

Kobe and LeBron

Tuesday,June 2nd,2009 Something to smile about ...

and here also our link to the LA fan zone and the Cavaliers ...

Gatorade Basketball Video

Tuesday,May 19th,2009 hehe,this is again a cool video:

Home premiere of Lions

Thursday,October 30th,2008 The Dornbirn Lions are indeed started with an away victory in the derby against Feldkirch Baskets very well in the new season,but the official season opener begins on Saturday,8:11:08,at 18.30 clock in the ball sports hall.A guest will be the team from Salzburg and the Lions want to present yourself as many fans at their best.The new Lions are not only on the
Become more attractive and spectacular playing field,but also off the field,there are some surprises.We will inform you in the next 10 days about everything you need to know in connection with the Lions in 2008/09.Which players are new to the Lions?New and old partners will be presented.What is there in the program?What do the lions on the
Martini market?
Swipe in any case already the thick 8:11:08 in your diary to.Bring a few friends and enjoy a great evening basketball!


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In the 1970's, Saigon fell to the Communists...

2013-07-14 09:21:52 by -

..and boatloads of Vietnamese/Asian refugees came to America, most of them had only the clothing on their backs.
As a group they started with nothing. They didn't even speak English.
So, they got tossed into the "welfare system". The same system that was supposedly holding the black man down. But it didn't hold the Vietnamese down. No.
As a group, they soon learned enough English, got jobs, and got OFF welfare. They started and ran successful businesses. Their kids did well in school and went to college and got good jobs as engineers, doctors, etc.

New Line Home Video Love and Basketball (New Line Platinum Series)
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