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Sport on TV: live coverage of today, Tuesday, February 12, 2013
The System a great read on college football s inner workings

Eurosport 2
14:30 Snooker: Welsh Open - Day 2 from Newport, Wales.

Rai Sport 1
14:45 Football: Rome - Spartak Moscow. Viareggio Tournament.

Eurosport 1
15:00 Ski Jumping: World Cup (live) - Qualifications HS 140 from Klingenthal, Germany.

Rai Sport 1 - Eurosport 1
16.50/19.10 - 16:45 to 18:00 Alpine Skiing World 2013 : Team Event - Teams try Masculine and Feminine, live from Schladming.

Rai Sport 2
17:00 Soccer: Milan - Newcastle. Viareggio Tournament.

Eurosport 2
18:28 Basketball: VEF Riga - Valencia Basket. Eurocup - Last 16 - 5th day.

Eurosport 2
20:00 Snooker: Welsh Open - Day 2 from Newport, Wales.

Eurosport 2
20:15 Snooker: Welsh Open - Day 2 from Newport, Wales.

Rai Sport 2
20:20 Soccer 5: Italy - Portugal. Friendly Match, live from Treviglio.

Rai Sport 1 (deferred)
20:25 Men's Volleyball: B-Chem Plast Golden Power Picena - Sieco Service Ortona. 7th day return Serie A2, commented Marco Fantasy (delayed).

Champions League - First Round of the day went
Celtic - Juventus
: telecronaca Riccardo Gentile, commento tecnico Luca Marchegiani, a bordo campo Alessandro Alciato e Giovanni Guardalà. Sky Sports 1 HD - Sky Calcio 1 HD: Dear Richard commentary, technical commentary Luca Marchegiani on the sideline Alessandro Alciato and John Look at her. Direct goals: Emanuele Corazzi.
: telecronaca Pierluigi Pardo, commento tecnico Gianni De Biasi, telecronaca tifoso Claudio Zuliani, a bordo campo Francesco Vecchi, Gianni Balzarini. Premium Calcio: commentary Pierluigi Pardo, technical comment Gianni De Biasi, fan commentary Claudio Zuliani, on the sidelines Francesco Vecchi, Gianni Balzarini.

Valencia - Paris Saint Germain
: telecronaca Federico Zancan. Sky Sport 3 HD - Sky Calcio 2 HD: Federico Zancan commentary. Direct goals: Roberto Prini.
: telecronaca Giampaolo Gherarducci, commento tecnico Nando Orsi, a bordo campo Angiolo Radice. Premium Calcio 1: Giampaolo Gherarducci commentary, technical comment Nando Bears, on the sidelines Angiolo Root.

ESPN America
1:00 College Basketball: Kentucky Wildcats at Florida Gators (NCAA).


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#1 Miami vs #2 Nebraska 2001 National Championship

Politics is a college football game to GOPervs

2006-11-01 17:05:38 by standstoreason

Substance, real debate, genuine issues don't matter.
All that matters is that their side wins, no matter what. Body, paint, cheerleaders, empty slogans -- Fox News is just another sports channel.
"We're #1! We're #1! You're #2!"
The GOPervs really have no idea what they believe in, what the issues are, what's at stake. It's just rah rah rah for the home team, steal the other side's mascot, get drunk, and taunt the opponents.
They only care about winning, and have no interest in reality.

All news has bias

2007-04-27 18:46:54 by ChurchGardenLady

The major networks I get on my rabbit ears are just more biased to the left--especially ABC. Fox news is one of the things I miss about cable. That, and the sports channels of course...Draft day for football is coming up, but I digress.. My first Boyfriend in college is a sportscaster for fox sports. He is a gentleman who keeps his politics to himself, BTW. (I try to not talk politics with men I date. Easier that way.)
Anyhow, back to religion.

As for sports. I know you will think I am

2007-11-08 21:06:49 by Oakland_43

Being unbearably egotistical but I have to tell you the bad news. When I was young, I was a world class athlete. I ran the hundred yard dash in 10.0, the fifty yard dash in 5.4 seconds. I hit a baseball slightly less than 500 feet, I scored 52 points in one basketball game and I could catch any football thrown at me, running at full speed. So don't tell me I don't know anything about sports. I played first string on 17 varsity teams and I didn't play in college because I DIDN'T WANT TO.
I know, that sounds like I'm hopelessly insecure, a pathological liar or simply an egoist

(5) Georgia (0-0) at (8) Clemson (0-0-) (ET)  — The State
Behind a record-setting performance by the Tiger offense, Clemson just missed out on the ACC Championship Game, losing a tie-breaker with Florida State, but did knock off SEC foe LSU in the Chick-fil-A Bowl (25-24) to end the season.

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  • Avatar Chinchilliday Where can I get a custom LSU football jersey made?
    Oct 27, 2011 by Chinchilliday | Posted in Football (American)

    I want to get myself and my boyfriend LSU football jerseys - where we can put our own last name and #s on them. We have done it before with NFL jerseys, but I cant seem to find a site/store that will do it for colleges -- specifically LSU. Please let me know if you know of a good place I can get a quality custom jersey. Thanks!!

    • /// the campus bookstore may be a place to start your search

  • Avatar precious_angel_amy34 Can you purchase beer at a college football game specificaly the Osu and Lsu game tonight?
    Jan 07, 2008 by precious_angel_amy34 | Posted in Football (American)
    • Yes, cause it is not at an ncaa facility. There was alcohol at all the bowl games not at ncaa facilities. (and alot brought into every game before the bowl games!!!)

  • Avatar reevesfarm Football fans....which college game are you excited to watch today?
    Sep 16, 2006 by reevesfarm | Posted in Football (American)

    For fans there has to be at least one game that has you planning your day around it. Mine starts at 2:30 central, Auburn vs LSU at Auburn. I must get to the store and back, plus about 10 other little errands/chores, b …hhhhhhhh I believe I might be a little giddy! LOL

    War Eagle!
    It would seem we have a big Notre Dame fan checking out this question and giving the big "thumbs down" to all who don't. Kinda sad........

    • Notre Dame is priority, but the game to see is Tenn vs Florida.

      GO VOLS