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The practice is essential, but it is not enough these courses open a palette of opportunities requiring skills in teaching, sales, project management, etc..

To access the business of sport, you have the choice between university and industry STAPS, state patents issued by the Ministry of Sports , or INSEP (National Institute of Sports and Physical Education).
Located in Vincennes, the school has signed agreements sports studies with several universities to allow students to pursue a degree while training in their discipline.

STAPS License: learning to learn

The sector STAPS (science and technology of physical and sports activities) is available in a fifty universities.

Program: theory and practice (APS sport and physical activity), life sciences (. Biology, anatomy, physiology, etc.), human sciences and society (. History, sociology, etc.) and Science (or physiological biomechanics example). Not to mention a foreign language and computer.

The teaching is based on an educational dimension: students learn to teach others, for example by analyzing the movements of gymnastics or by reflecting on the type of muscular effort required swimming.

If you are an accomplished athlete, do not rely on the practice to catch up, it is only a third to a quarter of the program, depending on the faculty.
To become a sports teacher, we must continue to master and pass the competition CAPEPS (certificate of aptitude of secondary education).

Other opportunities are also possible after the master (or as soon as the license) in the fields of management, recreation, health, tourism, etc..

BEES: specialized sports

The BEES (patent State sports instructor) , issued by the Ministry of Sports, allows engage in teaching, coaching or expertise in a sport activity among sixty.

There are three levels of BEES.
The first degree (vocational baccalaureate level) requires a good level of sport in their chosen discipline.
The second degree (degree level) is available to holders of BEES first degree for at least two years.
The third degree is open to holders of BEES second degree for at least four years.

Accessible to 18, the BEES first degree may be obtained by examination or by continuous monitoring. Preparation BEES lasts from six months to two years.

Flexibility training can juggle the preparation of diploma and professional activity.
Other degree from the Department of Sports: the BPJEPS (professional patent youth, public education and sport) is gradually replacing the BEES first degree in certain specialties.

Marie-Anne Noury

She wanted to do after graduating from high school S. "I thought the job of physiotherapist. After graduating high school, I enrolled in medicine. But going too fast. After the first semester, I stopped over and sat down to review the SVT, physics and chemistry programs first and final attempt of the competition schools physios. I have not been admitted. The following year, I enrolled in a private preparation. I spent six contests physiotherapist and occupational therapist three. I have failed. I then reoriented license STAPS [science and technology of physical and sports activities] at the University of Evry [91]. " What she did today. "I am a second year STAPS adapted physical activity option. The course suits me completely and I found lots of opportunities that are close to my idea of ​​physio. After the license, I have a master's education through sport. "


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If you had read ExMedic's and RF-MD's posts

2012-06-29 11:11:30 by Otto_Negme

Carefully, you would have realized that death is not the only outcome of interest.
American College of Sports Medicine Roundtable on exertional heat stroke--return to duty/return to play: conference proceedings.
Recovery and return to activity following exertional heat stroke: considerations for the sports medicine staff.
American College of Sports Medicine position stand. Exertional heat illness during training and competition.
Inter Association Task Force recommendations on emergency preparedness and management of sudden cardiac arrest in high school and college athletic programs: a consensus statement

Part II

2005-01-03 11:25:36 by citydweller

One of the leading international voices on hyponatremia is Tim Noakes, a sports science professor at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, who has published scores of articles on the perils of overdrinking.
Noakes' advice is to drink only when thirsty, because the body will instinctively know when it needs water. But critics say his benchmark is impossible to measure.
Studies have shown that hyponatremic victims are more likely to be female and athletes who have slower finishing times, but researchers do not know why.
The American College of Sports Medicine acknowledges that hyponatremia is a concern, but fears that too much emphasis on overhydrating may cause athletes to ignore drinking altogether

Short Bursts of Intense Exercise

2012-10-27 08:30:53 by Otto_Negme

Can Fight Weight Gain
'Is lack of time your excuse for not exercising? New research finds that just a few minutes of intense activity interspersed between less intense stretches of exercise will burn excess calories all day long.'
'Men participating in a small study burned an additional 200 calories a day by doing a workout for less than 25 minutes that included a few minutes of hard, intense exercise on a stationary bike, spaced between less intense activity.'
'The technique, called sprint-interval training, is used by athletes to improve performance

The Urgency—and the Challenge—of Connecting Sports, Race, and Genetics  — The Atlantic
But I remember being at the 2012 American College of Sports Medicine Conference, talking to the head of the physiology department at a major research university.

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North Atlantic Books Applied Kinesiology: A Training Manual and Reference Book of Basic Principles and Practices
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  • Avatar Janay What colleges have good nutrition/dietary and or sports medicine degrees?
    Jan 21, 2013 by Janay | Posted in Higher Education (University +)

    I'm looking for a college that offers a good nutrition degree and or some kind of sports training, or sports medicine degree. If you know any school please let me know! Thanks, and anything helps!

    • You can try your local state university. They're the most likely school in your area to have those programs. Sports medicine requires doing the premed classes in college, going to med school after college, and then doing 3 years of residency (training) after that.

  • Avatar Pete Can I become a physical therapist with a sports medicine degree?
    Sep 02, 2009 by Pete | Posted in Higher Education (University +)

    I am wondering if I can go to college for a sports medicine degree and use it to become a physical therapist. ik that there is a physical therapy degree but no 4 yr colleges offer it or if they did its very expensive so i was wondering if sports medicine degree could still get me where i want to go and i can save money and not go to far from home.

    • According to this website:

      medicine physical therapists must have a minimum of a master's degree in physical therapy, but a doctoral degree is becoming preferred. A master's degree in physical therapy for …ire sports medicine physical therapists to be licensed. This typically includes completing an application and taking an exam administered by the state. Contact your state licensing department for procedures in your area.