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According to the definition of the American College of Sports Medicine, the fitness is the overall fitness understood as a combination of cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, agility and coordination.

This definition allows to better understand the technical fitness activity: designing global training programs for users of a sports facility and ensure that it properly followed.

His work is done in the fitness room, which advises both individuals starting a physical activity, indicating the exercises to be performed in each phase, as already accustomed to training individuals who want to achieve specific goals.

In addition to designing these training plans and modify them according to how each person evolves, fitness technician monitors the overall operation of the fitness room and serves the user queries, correct exercises, explains the effects of each period body, etc..

You can also direct-group activities aerobics sessions, funky, steps, corrective gymnastics, spinning ... -, provided you have adequate specific training.

What training do you need?

Key areas of technical knowledge for fitness are three:

  • Theory training, a number of skills that can design workout routines combining strength work, cardio and mobility.
  • General anatomy. You should know the parts of the human body and its functioning.
  • Health, a section increasingly important because it can make fitness a therapeutic tool and address the special needs of each person.
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What is job prospects?

Technicians work almost exclusively in fitness gyms and sports facilities, sometimes combining the work of living with the direction of group activities, especially in small venues or understaffed.

They usually earn between 9 and 15 euros for each hour of work in the fitness room and significantly more targeted activities that require greater physical. It is common to have to work in various establishments at a time to complete a salary interesting.

Some small gyms can pay better wages, because, having less infrastructure and more restricted opening hours, carrying less overhead. But the big chains often offer generally better conditions of employment and learning opportunities and career advancement.

The fitness technician can get to manage a team of monitors as coordinator of the fitness room, working as a personal trainer or, if acquired additional training in management, technical direction reaching a gym.


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2007-05-17 12:44:18 by jauxmama

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From Yahoo Health: /
Chocolate milk keeps your abs flat. A glass of skim chocolate milk delivers a great combo of carbs and protein, helping you recover after a workout. Athletes who drank it post-workout had lower levels of muscle damage after four days of intense exercising than those who guzzled water or other recovery drinks, according to findings presented at the American College of Sports Medicine meeting in Seattle. That translates to less soreness and fatigue, so you can get back to the gym and those tummy-toning planks sooner. Simply stir 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder or syrup that has less than 20 g sugar into your milk and sip

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But I remember being at the 2012 American College of Sports Medicine Conference, talking to the head of the physiology department at a major research university.

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  • Avatar Janay What colleges have good nutrition/dietary and or sports medicine degrees?
    Jan 21, 2013 by Janay | Posted in Higher Education (University +)

    I'm looking for a college that offers a good nutrition degree and or some kind of sports training, or sports medicine degree. If you know any school please let me know! Thanks, and anything helps!

    • You can try your local state university. They're the most likely school in your area to have those programs. Sports medicine requires doing the premed classes in college, going to med school after college, and then doing 3 years of residency (training) after that.

  • Avatar Pete Can I become a physical therapist with a sports medicine degree?
    Sep 02, 2009 by Pete | Posted in Higher Education (University +)

    I am wondering if I can go to college for a sports medicine degree and use it to become a physical therapist. ik that there is a physical therapy degree but no 4 yr colleges offer it or if they did its very expensive so i was wondering if sports medicine degree could still get me where i want to go and i can save money and not go to far from home.

    • According to this website:

      medicine physical therapists must have a minimum of a master's degree in physical therapy, but a doctoral degree is becoming preferred. A master's degree in physical therapy for …ire sports medicine physical therapists to be licensed. This typically includes completing an application and taking an exam administered by the state. Contact your state licensing department for procedures in your area.

  • Avatar Pete Does a sports medicine degree qualify for physical therapy?
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    I've been looking at colleges in my area and I see that there are places that have degrees just for physical therapy but there are also schools that have sports medicine degrees and the cost is cheaper so are they the same type of degrees like if i was to have a degree in sports medicine would i beable to go into physical therapy?

    • You can ask Heather Wilcox cape coral, florida. She has done a lot of work across the country . She recently moved her business to another state however. Check out her website , she can help you.

  • Avatar Donna D What undergraduate degree do I need to get into Sports medcine?
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    Im currently in my freshmen year in college and wanted to become a Physician Assistant that specializes in sports medicine. At my college there isnt any sports medicine degrees but there is athletic training. I just want …hould major in Athletic training plus take the science courses needed for my PA program or take the just the PA program courses. Any info would b appreciated. Plus is it weird if Im overweight working in sports medicine?

    • It doesn't matter what degree you have to go into the medical field. There is no "required" major. However, majoring in something that pertains to your field of interest is certainly helpful. Take a look at pre …icine and going to med school to be a surgeon so it doesn't matter what your major is. And no, being overweight will not be weird. Who cares? And maybe, you'll be more motivated to get fit after all those sports classes?