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The Eagles have signed several fine feats in decades. To the extensive sports complex, a statue of Doug Flutie recalls his famous "Hail Flutie, " a touchdown from 63 yards on the last play of the game in November 1984, which had helped defeat the powerful training in Miami.

Boston College still has good football teams, hockey, and basketball, but also one of its star players is Quebec guard Olivier Hanlan, one of the best hopes of the Canadian basketball. It is he who made us discover the place a few weeks ago.

Olivier has quickly become with the Eagles. In his first season, "guard point" 6'4 is the second pointer of the team (14.4 ppg) and has always been the starting five.

"I'm really happy here. The sport is really big at Boston College and our facilities are incredible, "says Olivier showing us arm all that surrounds us.

The Eagles play their games in a 8500 seat amphitheater, the Conte Forum. They have - behind the scenes - a huge gym with training ground and dressing room is as impressive as the Canadiens at the Bell Centre.

A large media room welcomes many journalists assigned to cover the regular sports activities at Boston College. The media in the region attach great importance to university sport and performance Eagles are the most followed.

"As I am a first year, I live on the other side of campus, explains Olivier. So I prefer to spend most of my time here at Conte Forum, with my teammates. We have rooms for work, study, tutors to help us. "

They are members of the Canadian national program, cousins ​​Corey and Kris Joseph in particular, who guided Hanlan to Boston College because of the program's quality and reputation of coach Steve Donahue. "I quickly gained confidence, says Olivier. He encourages me to take the decisive shots - even late in the game - and to take control of the offensive.

"We live in the (conference) ACC against big teams - Duke, Miami, North Carolina. Of course we would like to win more often, but we play good games and I learn a lot. In the long term, the idea of ​​playing professionally has always attracted me and I dream of the NBA, of course. I could also go to Europe. "

At just 20 years old, Olivier Hanlan has the right to dream, especially since he obviously needs to succeed.


An example of courage

We were greeted at Boston College by Olivier Hanlan, but also the communications director of Eagles, Dick Kelley. The latter has been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease in 2011 and, unfortunately, growth disorders has been meteoric. Confined to a wheelchair and communicating difficult, Kelley is still employed. Players dedicate him great respect, always taking the time to talk with him, as Olivier did during our visit.


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Best trainer certifications

2008-04-23 06:50:51 by Trainer1960

In my experience the best trained trainers have one of the following certifications:
American College of Sports Medicine ( Strength & Conditioning Assoc. ( Council on Exercise (ACE)
They all have varying "levels" of certification and pre-requisites. Clearly, a certification which requires you to study for 6 months take sereval muti-hoiur exams and then requires continuing education after certification is better than one that certifies you one in a weekend course and never requires you to do continuing ed again (there is one like this out there!)
Good luck,

Carbs & Protein

2008-05-26 18:56:30 by Arelem

I have read in several places that to maximize muscle R&R/building, after working out, its best to take in carbs and protein. One study I found from the American College of Sports Medicine's journal talked about taking 10g of protein and 7g of carbohydrates immediately after exercise proven to help increase lean muscle mass.
My question is about the nature of the protein and carbs. I've tried some the supplements aimed at weightlifters and they taste like crap. I did find Boost High Protein supplement and it tastes pretty good. Does anyone know if this is the kind of P&C that would fit the bill?

Assessing your options

2006-03-24 04:30:18 by thespotter

Allow me to congratulate you on your pasion for fitness.
Personal trainer certifications are offered through a number of national accredidation organisations. Study materials (which are generally included with your exam fee) and we be purchased through the websites of the various organisations. Here are a few of the better ones to choose from:
NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Assc.)
ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)
Offering a variety of certifications, each organisations specialises in something a bit different

Performance-enhancing 'food' finally finds traction  — PR Newswire
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