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BRISTOL - Led by a pair of Arizona Wildcats, six players current college football at major programs, came together on Thursday to a federal antitrust lawsuit against the NCAA, which raised the risk in a legal battle challenging the economic model the leaders in college sports.

Jake Fischer AP Fischer (33) is on the radar for the Bednarik Award

Players are: Arizona linebacker Jake Fischer and kicker Jake Smith Vanderbilt linebacker Chase Garnham, Clemson cornerback Darius Robinson, and Minnesota, Moses Alipate tight end and receiver Victor Keise.

By adding their names to a highly contentious lawsuit that was originally filed in 2009 by former UCLA basketball player Ed O'Bannon, players - all of the largest conferences - increase the potential for damage claims to rise to the billions of dollars.

O'Bannon's complaint argues that the NCAA, EA Sports and Collegiate Licensing Co., the country's leading brand and shipping companies violated antitrust laws.

NCAA Accuses zeros pricing on the amount players can receive video games and other products that use their names, appearances and images. Last year, the plaintiffs corrected your document, asking existing players together and saying they deserve a share of the billions of dollars in television revenue flowing into the NCAA, conferences and partner schools.

In June, Judge Claudia Wilken asked participants demand O'Bannon add to a current player, which led the presentation on Thursday. Later in the summer, will decide whether to certify a group of players and former players, allowing them to pursue their goals as a group and not individually.

Fischer, who led the Wildcats with 119 kills last season, told "Outside The Lines" that joined the lawsuit not for money, but to give voice to the players on issues such as long-term health and access to a quality education. Like Smith, Fischer suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament playing college football, his injury healed enough to return to the field but probably affects when you graduate, without warranties of medical service.

"Honestly, I stepped on the future welfare, health and safety of student athletes, " said Fischer. "They've met a ton of people that carry effects of injuries, do not get good education, they lack the skills or opportunities would a regular student and honestly, we just like to fix that."

Fischer and Smith shared this week have informed Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez and athletic director, Greg Byrne, who planned to participate in the lawsuit.

"For me, it is the money and so vast profits generated, and players are essentially people who drive the engine of the NCAA, " Smith said, "If we do not exist, there would be no football team at the University Arizona. would not have team Alabama Crimson Tide. would not have team Florida Gators. would not have team Texas A & M. Yes, we are part of the program. I love Arizona and I love my coach, our athletic directors, all comprising the program are great.

"However, without us, they are not, if that makes sense."

Fischer is in the list bellow preseason for the Bednarik Award, given to the best defensive player in college football.


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You're extremely oversimplyfing the situation.

2011-10-08 15:56:06 by FatherPriest

What events have occurred lately? Besides not knowing that these two people were going to die... they didn't know about any of the thousands of car wrecks that occurred today. They didn't know any of the college or NFL football scores, or MLB scores. Or any sports scores. Or any horse race winners. They didn't know the winning numbers of any of the 48 state lotteries (Nevada and Hawaii don't have lotteries.)
They didn't even predict what I predicted back in February.
The revolution has begun. < absoluteinsanity > 02/02 19:48:39
In Egypt. They're revolting against you right wing fascists

For hohohohohoho HERSCHEL WALKER!!! great

2007-03-12 12:01:45 by nfl-running-back

i am even including a biography for those interested!!!
well known for never lifting weights...just tons of pushups, pull ups, and running and jumproping alot! one of the greats! (hohohohoho hope he is up to your standard let us know!)
Herschel Walker was born in Augusta, Georgia and grew up outside of Wrightsville, Georgia. For the first 16 years of his life, Herschel Walker showed little interest in sports; he preferred reading books and writing poetry. At age 16, however, he began a crash exercise program. Over the next year, he did 100,000 push-ups, 100,000 sit-ups and sprinted thousands of miles

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