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Jack Taylor has entered the history of American college basketball last night registering 138 points in the win against Grinnell Faith Baptist Bible (179-104).

"I've never heard of something like that. This is worthy of a video game. How can you shoot 100 times anyway? "Asked at the end of the Knicks' victory in New Orleans (80-102) , Carmelo Anthony will be incredulous. It is not the only one ... The named Jack Taylor (1.78 m) is indeed entered the history of American college basketball in scoring 138 points (!) At Grinnell College's victory against Faith Baptist Bible ( 179-104). A match-graduate division. "I had not shot well in a tournament that we played last weekend, says the hero of the day on ESPN. So the idea was that the team helps me to be in the best conditions offensively before tackling the next elections. (...) I thought I had only 30 points at the half. But the coach told me that I was already 58! My teammates were very happy and they decided to continue to give me the ball. "

Taylor made good use ... If none of his teammates has taken more than six shots, the little back in Grinnell took in 52 of the 108 he attempted (27/71 3pt, 7/10 to throws). So he took a shot every 20 seconds on average! The American journalist CSN Reuben Frank pointed out via Twitter that if Jack Taylor had returned all his shots, he would have finished with 287 point ... With 138 units, it is already the new NCAA record holder, dethroning Bevo Francis who had scored 113 in 1954 with Rio Grande and 116 the previous year, but in a game that has not officially counted. Frank Selvy had meanwhile registered 100 points in 1954, with Furman, for the only other match three digits of the story.

Have you wanna knw I was guarding him!

Recall that Wilt Chamberlain still holds the record for points scored in the NBA, with 100 units in 1962 for the Warriors. "I want to know who defended him, " quips the backbone of Kings, DeMarcus Cousins, in one of the many reactions that cardboard generated on the web in general, and Twitter in particular. "It runs at 61 points per game after this game, " says rightly Hawk Anthony Tolliver. For the record, David Larson meanwhile registered 70 points for the Faith Baptist Bible in this historic game. All 34 of the 44 shots. Unfortunately for him, nobody will remember ... "It's crazy, says Kobe Bryant, who has a record 81 points in the NBA. Whatever the championship level where it took place, scoring 138 points is a something crazy. You have to be in shape and have a little Mamba in his veins. "


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Why isn't there affirmative action in sport??

2006-10-22 11:59:15 by Double_standard?

Why don't they have affirmative quota programs in collegiate athletics like they do on the academic side of colleges?
If "diversity" is so important on the academic side of a university then it goes to reason it should be the same on the athletic side. But there are no affirmative action quota spots in collegiate athletics. There are plenty minority groups that are not allowed the same opportunities in organized collegiate athletics as certain groups have. There should be more Asian, Hispanic, Native American and women players on college football, baseball and basketball teams to meet the goals of "diversity"

Dude's full of shit

2004-03-24 09:31:29 by KBD

"No one can argue college basketball is better off with the serious talent drain"
Here, let me argue just that.
If there were dominant talents in the NCAA today, someone who would just take a game over and win it on talent and skill, the games would suck. No team would be able to touch that player, let alone his team, and they would coast all the way to the finals.
As it is, we have that magic word that has made the NFL the most popular American sport. And no, it's not gambling. It's parity. Every team wants it, and with the big guns gone before they even get to college or leaving after a year or two, you'll never see a UCLA-like franchise

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Conrady is the national director of Score International, a Christian ministry that in part invites American college basketball teams to the Dominican to witness a different culture. “We're going to visit some young women who have had very rough ..

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