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The German NFL player Sebastian Vollmer is considered special in football: it weighs as much as two football players, is just as fast - and could become the first German team regular in the United States.

It's a compliment when you say, Sebastian Vollmer has played unobtrusively. Because of its position you can actually stand only with errors in American football. Vollmer is responsible for protecting the quarterback against attacks of the enemy, he is one of several Offense tackles. He plays for the New England Patriots, Tom Brady is his quarterback, one of the most successful quarterbacks in history, in the first season game of the National Football League (NFL), but sometimes with considerable problems. At Vollmer is not: The New England Patriots won with 25:24 points against the Buffalo Bills, at least ten points Patriots Vollmer had been on the field.

And it is not quite accurate to call it normal. The 25-year-old is 2.03 meters tall, weighs 145 kg. "All muscle, no fat grams, " as his former agent says college times. Above all, Vollmer is nimble like a 90-pound sprinter with these sizes. Him the Patriots could not past the player selection. It is now clear that the opponent is not able to.

Exotic and side entry

Nice, since so does with a German at a football game in the United States. He is not even the first German to which the managed. Nevertheless, his commitment has special meaning. Vollmer has not learned American football in the United States, but in Germany, and also started at age 14. So it is exotic and side entry at the same time - and the NFL did not have the reputation to have someone play times just because he's big and strong. This sport like baseball thrives on that one has learned movement early on that you can be in submission, and that you understand its, well, cultural significance for the fans. The New England Patriots are not called so random: you have fans proud. After the game, Sebastian Vollmer says: "Of course I was nervous arriving But the fans in the stands and the jets over the stadium - if you do not because you can do everything, then I do not know.".


About Vollmer many say that he might be regulars or even more, one for the Pro Bowl, a selection of the best end of the season. Vollmer can play left or right, which is a specialty in football and will make him the first violation of a "starter" for the regulars. A German master player in the NFL, which was formulated understated until recently, fairly unlikely.

After the game against the Bills Sebastian Vollmer looks tired. He hardly slept, it was the Monday night game, so a long day, and this nervousness. Vollmer has lived for over five years in the United States , he finds it difficult to speak German. But to his power he wants anyway do not say much, just: "If you have not seen the video analysis, it is difficult to give themselves grades." It takes a while, but then he falls back into his Rhenish dialect - but that's the only thing that affects German in him.


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2009-02-23 10:07:16 by bighark

That's true. I guess I was just worried about getting those games in HD.
I'm also worried about the four away games that will end up on other networks, possibly ESPN.
I don't watch too much TV. There's a few shows I see with my wife, and those are the ones we know we can get online.
The only thing that I was worried about was the football. I have thirteen weeks of college ball. I want to watch those games at home with my wife and kid, not in a bar.
I'll have to check how the new digital signal thing will affect my ability to get HD on network TV

(5) Georgia (0-0) at (8) Clemson (0-0-) (ET)  — The State
Behind a record-setting performance by the Tiger offense, Clemson just missed out on the ACC Championship Game, losing a tie-breaker with Florida State, but did knock off SEC foe LSU in the Chick-fil-A Bowl (25-24) to end the season.

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