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Boston College Eagles ( Spanish : Eagles of Boston College) is the team sports of Boston College , located in Chestnut Hill, in the state of Massachusetts . Eagles teams participating in the university competitions organized by the NCAA , and is part of the Atlantic Coast Conference , the team except ice hockey , which competes in Hockey East .

[ editar ] Nickname and mascot [ edit ]

The nickname of Eagles (Eagles) is very common in the United States as part of all its symbolism, and Boston College adopted it as a nickname, belonging to one of the 13 states that signed the Declaration of Independence of the United States . Their mascot is Baldwin the Eagle, a name that comes from bald (bald), referring to the kind of bald eagle , and the word win (win, win).

The university colors are maroon and gold , while the sports anthem was composed by a student of promoting 1885 .

[ editar ] Basketball [ edit ]

The men's team of basketball was created in the year 1904 , while the female was not until 1973 . Dispute their home games at Conte Forum, a pavilion opened in 1988 , and is also used for ice hockey . It has a capacity for 8, 606 spectators. Throughout their history they have only won 4 times the regular season ACC , and two conference championship in 1997 and 2001 . On the bench have gone Fame coaches Bob Cousy and Chuck Daly .

[ editar ] American Football [ Edit ]

The origins of team football dating back to 1893 , and is the most popular sport in college. Throughout its history once won the national championship in 1940 , although the NCAA does not recognize the championship, because the uniqueness of the American system of attributing the college championship in the sport.

They have participated in 17 bowls, winning 11 times, highlighting his victories in the Cotton Bowl in 1984 and the Sugar Bowl in 1940 .

Having only two Catholic universities in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), Boston College and Notre Dame, the party contesting against Notre Dame Fighting Irish journalistically called holy war.

[ editar ] Ice Hockey [ Edit ]

The team ice hockey men is the most joy has given students of Boston College, and who have achieved national title four times, in 1949, 2001, 2008 and 2010. They have been champions of their conference, the Hockey East in other 9 seasons, and the ECAC in another 2.


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We have the #1 college football team to watch

2004-08-14 11:05:27 by no_taxpayer_demands

It's great, we've got the best college football team around, so we get pro-level competition without having to pay our tax dollars to support some egomaniacal billionaire owner.
The BEST of all possible worlds! I can't believe that Seattle and Portland let themselves be taken advantage of by multi-billionaire Paul Allen to build new arenas and stadia for him. He lost $10 billion on bad investments, but expects the taxpayers to pickup the tab for his sports teams. Amazing!
Now, I'd really be sad to be in SF in October. Talk about an UNSUCCESSFUL and PAINFUL month for sports fans there. Ouch

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While ESPN and Fox have been first out of the gate to brag about their college football schedules, CBS Sports Network announced their slate today, and I'd bet it's better than you think.

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  • Avatar jason j What do you look forward to NCAA football or the NFL?
    Jul 14, 2007 by jason j | Posted in Football (American)

    Me personally I love both of them. In college football I love the fact that every single game counts and even if you lose one game the chances for a championship are slim. I also like the high scoring and fast pace of …e. The NFL is fun to watch because of the strategy of the game. The way teams disguise their defense and the match ups between the best CBs and WRs. Its also fun to see how long Bengal players can stay out of trouble.

    • For the life of me, I cannot figure out why I don't get into the college game. I love football even to the point of watching every NFL game that I can record and that of the CFL too. I've been a football nut since 1968 and have yet to watch an entire college football game.

  • Avatar usedup What are the most popular spectator sports and which leagues?
    Jul 24, 2010 by usedup | Posted in Football (American)

    I would like to know what sports are most popular for fans AND what leagues are the most popular.
    For instance:

    1. American Football: NFL, NCAA
    2. Hocket: NHL
    3. Soccer: (there are a bunch of European leagues, which ones are the most popular?)


    • Basketball: NBA
      Baseball: MLB
      American Football: stadium crowd goes to NCAA , TV ratings go to NFL
      Soccer: EPL (English Premier League)