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McGill University,Canada (McGill University)

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McGill University,Canada (McGill University),also translated as McGill University

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About McGill University,Canada

1813,Montreal,Canada Scottish fur traders,the famous philanthropist James - set a McGill died intestate ,his farm and 10, 000 pounds gifts to the royal institution,founded for a college or university.1821 King George IV issued a Royal Charter to establish a name of a McGill College.In 1829,the Montreal General Hospital,Department of Education and Rumaijier College,the school changed its name to McGill University (McGill University hereinafter referred to as the Mai Tai),and in the same year officially commenced.

McGill University (McGill University,also translated McGill University) is a famous university in Canada,located in Montreal,Quebec,Canada.McGill University campus beautiful,antique green dingzi European architecture with modern buildings embraced constitute a unique landscape of downtown Montreal.In Canada,McGill University has a high reputation for its world-renowned research level,known as the "Northern Harvard."Medicine,literature,law,engineering,natural sciences and agriculture is the best discipline McGill University.

Jimmy MacDonald College is a large campus,there Mak Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.McGill University,Canada The college is located 32 kilometers west of Montreal's 圣安德贝尔维 with Morgan Arboretum,Lyman Entomological Museum,McGill Herbarium,Architecture Institute and the Institute of Parasitology.

Mai great 23 colleges,faculties and sub-known schools.There are 12 faculties: Agriculture and Environmental Sciences,Faculty of Arts,Faculty of Dentistry,Education,Engineering,Law,Management,Medicine,Music,Religion,Science,Research and Graduate School.There are 11 schools: School of Architecture,Computer Science,Food and Nutrition Institute,Graduate School of Library and Information Science,Institute of human communication disorders,McGill Conservatory,School of Nursing,Occupational Health Institute,College of Physical and occupational therapy,social Work Institute,College of Urban Planning.In addition,there are three big wheat affiliated colleges: Montreal diocesan seminary,Montreal Union Theological Seminary and Presbyterian College in Montreal.Royal Victoria College is a large wheat into non-teaching institute,designed to provide accommodation for girls.

McMaster Medical School (has 13 affiliated teaching hospitals) is a medical student teaching centers.Canada's McGill University campus Dr. Norman Bethune in China is well-known in a large teaching hospital Jimmy began his medical career.In addition,the school also with the Montreal region seven large hospitals to establish a link between teaching and research,of which five are its comprehensive teaching hospital,two teaching hospitals.Mai Tai in the medical field,especially in cancer research,immunology,genetics,neurology and other aspects of respiratory diseases and has made great achievements.

McGill University not only has a large number of international students,and many world-renowned scholars admiring.Founded 180 years ago,McGill University,Montreal,has been the pride of Canada,she gave birth to the greatest thinkers and scientists,including six to get the Nobel Prize .What then is at McGill physicist Rutherford discovered the atomic structure of the McGill fame in Europe.Meanwhile,the McGill Faculty of Medicine in Canada,second to none,is the dream of countless students place.McGill high level of academic research with the U.S. Ivy League match.


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