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College Football - Introduction to American football

The NCAA football is also known as College football or pigskin football.

Each team is a university or college and are divided into divisions. The division has the best teams is called Division IA and it includes several conferences. The players are amateurs (they do not get money to play), but they receive a scholarship (a scholarship). Every football team can provide free education to only 85 players. NCAA football is very popular can have up to 100, 000 spectators per game and generates millions of dollars through merchandising, TV rights and so on. USA. College football is anything but clear because it does not have a real championship. There are more than 114 teams in Division IA and they can not all meet during the season. A team plays 14 games against teams from the conference. Each week a group of reporters and coaches vote the teams according to the score of the week, the strength of the team against which she played. So if a team does not win 50-0 against a weaker team this could be seen as against performance. The results are compiled into a top25. This is a list that is based on the human print so it is not entirely scientific although complicated forumles are used to classify these teams. The top 25 does not follow the law of the sport itself then it gives way to furious discussions in bars between fans who defend their idea why a team should be higher in the top25.
The season ends with a trip to a bowl if the team has won enough games. There are twenty bowls and cities that organize these bowls Facebook Terms invitations to teams of their choice. It is clear that the city will invite a team that brings the world to see the game to sleep and eat and spend money in the local economy. Depending on the importance of the bowl, the winning team can win a whopping 500 miles dollars for minor bowls up to 17 million for the Orange, Sugar, Rose and Fiesta Bowl
For a long time, Team 1 and 2 did not play against each other so it was not possible to know who was the best. But the Bowl Championship Series was introduced and one plays against the two in one of the major bowl (Orange, Sugar, Rose and Fiesta). But in 2003, LSU and USC have still been elected co champions because there were LSU, USC and Oklahoma top each with a defeat at the end of the season. LSU beat Oklahoma in the BCS bowl but USC also won his match. Voters can not agree whether USC or LSU was the champion.

1883-2012 1970-2012 2012 Alabama Crimson Defeated Notre Dame Fighting Irish 2011 Alabama Crimson Defeated LSU Tigers 2010 Auburn Tigers Defeated Oregon Ducks 2009 Defeated Alabama Crimson Tide Texas Longhorns 2008 Defeated Florida Gators Oklahoma Sooners 2007 LSU Tigers Defeated Ohio State Buckeyes 2006 Defeated Florida Gators Ohio State Buckeyes 2005 Texas Longhorns 2004 USC Trojans 2003 co-champions LSU Tigers / USC Trojans 2002 Ohio State Buckeyes 2001 Miami Hurricanes 2000 Oklahoma Sooners 1999 Florida State Seminoles 1998 Tennessee Volunteers 1997 co-champions Michigan Wolverines / Nebraska Cornhuskers

Life after college football

Students make after years of college? Most of looking for a job like you and me. Their discipline and effort demonstrated in training and games during their four years of American football will serve them well for a job. But the best players who have talent and are lucky not to receive injury stop their career American football can try their luck at the jackpot of U.S. professional soccer. There are a few options for young people. The best-known option is the NFL ( National Football League ) but obviously some are also in the CFL ( Canadian Football League ) and the AFL ( Arena Football League )


Simon & Schuster Fourth and Long: The Fight for the Soul of College Football
Book (Simon & Schuster)

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Kansas 43 Oklahoma State 28

2007-11-10 22:02:05 by robert2734

For those of you following the peak oil discussion, I thought I'd post the final score.
During the prime-time (seen be a large audience across the USA) college football game between Oklahoma State University and Kansas University, ABC kept showing the new Oklahoma State football stadium that Pickens is funding. So after halftime when Brent Musberger said that he would be interviewing Pickens, I assumed it would be a discussion only about the stadium.
Then, early on in the conversation, Musberger mentions that he's read Pickens' books, and that Pickens had correctly foreseen $60, $80, $100 per barrel oil

The World Is Watching

2013-01-06 08:31:06 by gbranch1

At the very least - isn't filming a minor involed in a sex act the definition of child pornography production? isn't sharing said images distributing child pornography?
If this was the week that the whole country found out about the alleged gang rape of a 16-year-old girl in football-crazed Steubenville, Ohio, next week might be the one when the punishments arrive. Steubenville High's famed football coach may resign as soon as Monday, and the recent graduate whose shocking video confession was leaked by hackers who took the case national may be in trouble with his college.

May I have a women's view

2009-02-01 12:13:10 by imafatpig

On football?
Many countries sit and laugh at the USA. The news tomorrow will reflect on how many billions of dollars of waste is gambled on grown men chasing a piece of leather filled with air. These imbeciles, will beat on each other in an attempt to touch the leather filled material. Veterans fought and died so the gluttony of excess can run rampant. The ripple effect on the economy caused by 9-11 and the war in Iraq is only beginning. The enemies around the world sit and giggle, while the USA crumbles in financial decay. BUT WAIT; WE HAVE FOOTBALL! The real problem with economy is the idiots that patronize events like the super (blow) bowl

(5) Georgia (0-0) at (8) Clemson (0-0-) (ET)  — The State
Behind a record-setting performance by the Tiger offense, Clemson just missed out on the ACC Championship Game, losing a tie-breaker with Florida State, but did knock off SEC foe LSU in the Chick-fil-A Bowl (25-24) to end the season.

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  • Avatar t3hjohnbeck Does my University have any name recognition?
    Jan 26, 2009 by t3hjohnbeck | Posted in Higher Education (University +)

    I attend UCSD, University of California at San Diego. We don't have a football team, …rsities) according to the 2009 U.S. News & World Report college rankings. I was wondering if anyone knows about UCSD, specifically people with power, example bosses who are hiring, and people from outside of California.

    • Other than Berkeley and LA, the UCs are not well know outside of CA. Employees of pharmaceutical companies and other jobs in the sciences will know SD. It's actually a leading school for BME and center for the biotech industry. Other majors? Not so much.

  • Avatar Kevin M Engineering schools that are fairly easy to get into?
    Nov 30, 2011 by Kevin M | Posted in Higher Education (University +)

    I understand that there is nothing easy about engineering, but I'm looking for suggestions for average schools. Respectable electrical engineering universities for an average student to transfer into. I would be transferring from a community college. Anywhere in the U.S, preferably in the south east.
    I'm from New York.

    • The easiest Engineering Schools are the HBCUs.

      However, if you're looking for "easy," you're probably at high risk of failing. Many Engineering schools are "easier" to get into, but they have a high weedout/failure rate — maybe 50%.

      Consider Engineering Technology instead.

  • Avatar Rocky Raccoon A story about a major league baseball player's hard work?
    Jan 17, 2011 by Rocky Raccoon | Posted in Baseball

    I am writing a college application essay, and I was using stories about major league baseball players as examples. I had three different points: Determination, Perseverance, and Hard Work. I have examples for the first two, but I am having trouble thinking of one for hard work. I know there are probably plenty of examples, but I do not have any coming to mind. Thanks in advance!

    • Jim abbot, the one armed pitcher for the Yanks, Jackie Robinson, (You Probably already used him) Three finger brown, who is now in the hall of fame because of his Absolute dominance of opposing hitters, despite having only three fingers

  • Avatar What benefits does giving full scholarship to athletes bring to universities?
    Feb 09, 2011 by | Posted in Financial Aid

    I am from Venezueal were this is not usual.
    Is it the benefit of advertising or getting the school out there?

    • In many respects, the public relations benefit is the largest direct benefit to the University.
      There is much discussion, though, about how well giving based on sports success impacts the academic work of universit …merican-college-sports-medicine-acsm" title="American College Sports Medicine ACSM">American colleges feel a tighter bond to their alma mater than do European students, perhaps this is due in part to sports.