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Sheldon Richardson, born 29 November 1990 in St. Louis , is an American professional football . He currently plays with the New York Jets to the position of defensive end .

Richardson graduated from Gateway High School in his hometown of St. Louis. It illustrates the defensive level with his team Jaguars Gateway High School in football. After his schoolgirls years, USA Today named him All-American. The site the same class number # 1-ranked defensive tackle and fourth best player on the entire territory.

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He entered the College of the Sequoias in Visalia in California . In 2010, he did not play because of a wrist injury and forfeits the season. He was transferred to the University of Missouri and joined the football team, the Tigers. On 15 November 2012, he is suspended from the team for violation of rules. However, the pattern is not explained. He finished second best tackler on the team in 2012 with seventy-five tackles .

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Sheldon Richardson is selected in the first round of the draft of the NFL in 2013 by the New York Jets in the thirteenth choice.


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