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The hoax of the American college and a feast of series B in payment: tonight in Vicenza »VicenzaPiù

ArticleImage This evening will be a special event for Vicenza. After many years the historian Sports Hall of via Goldoni reopens its doors to host a sporting event basketball: a team American university basketball players will challenge a selection made from the Veneto region. Vista also announced the presence of the mayor Achille Variati could be a big party for all the people of Vicenza in one of the sport's most important meeting places of the city. But it will not.

titolo Ncaa dopo il tradizionale “marzo pazzo” delle finali nazionali, o magari quell'Ohio State in cui gioca l'italiano Amedeo Della Valle, da poco premiato come miglior giocatore agli Europei Under 20 vinti dalla Nazionale italiana. It will not be so because what is exalted by the media for days citizens as a great sporting event "with the best teams from American universities" through press releases of the City of Vicenza, television, web and newspaper articles, makes you smile all the fans and experts the world of college basketball college after reading the above information, expertly conveyed by the organizers to unsuspecting journalists, expected to see down on the floor Vicenza legendary teams like Michigan, Indiana, North Carolina, Kentucky, UCLA, Louisville or coached by legendary coach Rick Pitino and the last title holder Ncaa after the traditional "mad March" national finals, or maybe quell'Ohio State in which he plays the Italian Amedeo Della Valle, recently named best player won the European Under-20 by Italian national team.

It could be a great celebration of sport for all the people of Vicenza tonight, a sort of reconciliation with the American community, given the presence side by side of the mayor and the American consul Variati which among other things along with the U.S. basketball players today visited from 17 to 18, the new U.S. military base, just a few steps away from the stadiums.

It could be, however, a big party for all the fans, many in the city, basketball, a sport that has seen expel local general insensitivity when he was at the highest level, as has happened, and (with football) going to happen with other mass sport when someone does not gain: political patrons and sponsors little parade.


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Baseball is dying because it's not American

2006-07-10 08:46:37 by NoGodForMe

The draft system is a joke.
Get drafted, then go play for a farm team, while the owners "insource" spanish players.
Can't spell their names, can't pronounce them, they don't interview well, and they don't offer that soap opera thing to the fans. They're just here for the money.
Draft American college kids and let them play.

Day 3 in the DR  — NCAT Aggies
Conrady is the national director of Score International, a Christian ministry that in part invites American college basketball teams to the Dominican to witness a different culture. “We're going to visit some young women who have had very rough ..

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