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Maddy, 12, excluded from its football team to avoid "impure thoughts" boys

Maddy photo taken from the Facebook page "Let Her Play"

A 12-year-old Maddy Paige is part of a year since the football team of his private school in the state of Georgia.Finally,part ,since the Strong Rock Christian School decided she could no longer play in the school year.

His mother,Cassy Blythe,explaining the end of June to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to be in shock ,since she had not received until then encouragement from coaches for his daughter.The explanations of the school for this decision are unclear.Officially,the school is merely to write a statement to a local TV as their "official policy is that schoolgirls [our equivalent of the American middle school,Ed] play girls sports,and college students play sports boys " .An explanation that seems strange,as Maddy played football in 6th grade,the first year of middle school.

But after Cassy Blythe,director of the school told him about the reasons for such a logic:

"He worried

  1. the boys to have impure thoughts
  2. that the discussions would be too hard for dressing it
  3. that boys and girls should not be competing in any sport
  4. there are other sports that she can play
  5. As a school in private,they could do what they wanted
  6. he asked on the subject and it was the right thing to do.

He also cited the Bible by saying that men and women are created as equal but different,and they should therefore not be allowed to do the same sports."

An explanation deemed "ridiculous" by Cassy Blythe,in part because Maddy had her own dressing room anyway,and because "it is not the fault of Maddy if the boys can not control their thoughts or desires. They must learn to control what happens in them,just like Maddy. "

She believes that "if a girl meets the same conditions as the boys,she should have the right to play."The family started a Facebook page called "Let her play" ,"let the play, " which is more than 40, 000 likes.In addition to messages about the status of Maddy,the home page of pictures of girls in sports considered typically male,one of the national American football team:

On this page as sites which bring the case,the comments were divided between those who support the fight Maddy and those who believe that,as a private school,Strong Rock Christian is free from this kind of choice.On the Facebook page,the mother of Maddy says:

"For us,this is not a private history against public education,against religion or non-religion. This is an issue of human rights. This is a girl who had the right to play and play well An athlete who wore the same uniform and stood to the same requirements as the rest of his team. A person who has lost everything just because she is female. "


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Do you have a price list?

2011-01-08 16:03:03 by isthatajoke

And can only whites buy them? god you are a fool. Now you’re against college sports. Being that we are in basketball season there are 54 head coaches out of 318 or about 17%, A little higher than their percent in the general population. Here is a link to the black coaches association. Sure they would want some more slots but they are not feeling oppressed or for that matter oppressing. Personally I hate John Thomas and his father not because they are Black but because they are HOYAS what the hell they are LOL
Seriously you are getting more unhinged by the day

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