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ESPN is an American television channel, which broadcasts only sports programs around the clock. The acronym stands for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. ESPN was founded in 1979 and broadcasts mainly from our own studios in Bristol ( Connecticut ) and reaches 90 million households (as of summer 2005 [1] ) in the United States . The station also maintains offices in New York , Seattle , Washington DC , Charlotte and Los Angeles . Since the establishment of the station is broadcast news program SportsCenter.

ESPN was originally an alternative to sports coverage be the conventional transmitter and the sports pages of the newspapers. The station was designed by Bill Rasmussen, a reporter from NBC called partner WWLP, to life. It began in a very manageable and often had to rely on less common sports ( "Tractor Pull" , Australian Rules Football or the United States Football League were on offer). The name of the station was originally ESP (Entertainment and Sports Programming), was changed before launch. ESPN has the broadcast of the first broadcast of SportsCenter on 7 September 1979 started. Before the start of the purchased Getty Oil Company a controlling stake in the company.

The turning point finally came in 1987, when it became ESPN, a contract with the NFL to close, which regulated the transfer of football games on Sunday night. Of a fringe group in the cable television transmitter was quickly ESPN a powerful media empire.

ESPN was initially a joint venture between Getty Oil Company (since acquired by Texaco ) and Nabisco . Since 2005, the entire ESPN family of channels is 80 percent of ABC ( American Broadcasting Company , itself owned by The Walt Disney Company ). The remaining 20 percent are owned by the Hearst Corporation .

Furthermore, there is today offshoot of ESPN, for example, ESPN2, ESPN3 (online sports including football league), ESPN News, ESPN HD (broadcast of the normal program in high definition ), ESPN Classic (formerly Classic Sports Network), ESPNU (specializes in college sports ), ESPN Radio (several medium-wave radio sports stations in the U.S. are performed under that name and send partial joint program) and ESPN The Magazine. The most popular sports news broadcast of ESPN is the "SportsCenter" shows are more popular, for example the program since 2006 by ESPN current Monday Night Football and the existing since 1987 show College GameDay .

In early 2007 ESPN European U.S. sports channel NASN taken for an estimated 90 million euros. [2] In February 2009, NASN was ESPN America renamed.

The company slogan is "The Worldwide Leader in Sports" (The worldwide leader in sports).

  1. ESPN decides not to match Comcast's offer ↑ ESPN Decides not to match Comcast's offer
  2. ESPN kauft Gegenspieler NASN ↑ ESPN buys opponent NASN


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    In this age of everyone suing everyone. How is it that say the Miami Hurricanes haven't sued the Carolina Hurricanes? Does it have to do with using different logos or the different city names? I mean, if I bought an MLB expansion team in New Jersey could I legally call it the New Jersey Devils? Wondering what the law is on this.

    • Well there's been a few famous disputes about this sort of thing in was the Cleveland brown's when there owner left wanted to move the team to Baltimore

      the city of Cleveland said the the name of the brown …r />
      in the case of the raider's thinking they own L.A even though there not there doesn't make sence and of court didn't either to the court's.

      common sense is all that's needed in these thing's.

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