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Series data
German title Blue Mountain State
Original Title Blue Mountain State
Country of production United States
Original language English
Production year (s) 2009-2011
Lionsgate Television
Length 21 minutes
Episodes 39 in 3 seasons
Genre Sports Comedy
Title song Rev Theory - Hell Yeah
Production Eric Falconer
Chris Romano
Episode 11th January 2010 (USA) Spike TV
18th April 2010 on MTV

Blue Mountain State is an American sports comedy series, which was developed in 2010 by Chris Romano and Eric Falconer. The executive production company Lionsgate Television is here. On 20 February 2012 gave Spike announced that there will be no sequel, and thus no fourth season of Blue Mountain State. [1]

The series revolves mainly around the characters of the American football team of the University Blue Mountain State, the "Goats". It's about male freshmen at an American college and covers topics such as football, women tear and parties with excessive alcohol and drug use.

  • Alex Moran ( Darin Brooks ): Alex is from Cheyenne , just graduated from the Blue Mountain State has commenced and is the replacement quarterback of the football team. In contrast to other team members, he sees his sport not as a springboard to the NFL , but gladly assumes the role of a spare man. He has also befriended lead after finishing his studies so that a simple average life. So his team membership is mainly used to get at women, and to be part of many parties.
  • Sammy Cacciatore (Chris Romano): Just like Sammy Alex comes from Wyoming and is the first year at Blue Mountain State. Sammy also lives with Alex and is the mascot of the "Goats". His constant search for women and excuses to get drunk frequently bring him into smaller problems.
  • Craig Shilo ( Sam Jones III ): Craig, often just called Shilo, from Columbus , was in the year prior to study high school player of the year and is now the new star player of "Goats". In contrast to the other team members Craig is more reasonable and is very attached to his extremely manipulative girlfriend Denise. When he finds out that she has cheated on him with other men, he puts an end. His goal is to make the Heisman Trophy winning, and later to become a great NFL star. At the beginning of the second season Shilo to Georgia Tech is added, and then disappears from the series (His character was written out of the script after Jones' due to major drug trafficking in Hollywood was arrested and sentenced to up to 20 years in prison) [2] [3 ]
  • Kevin "Thad" Castle ( Alan Ritchson ): Thad is the linebacker and captain of the crew. He is from Connecticut . Despite his outstanding achievements as a football player, he is not particularly liked by the majority of the team due to his eccentric and exaggerated overwrought style. His father died in the Bosnian war , where it has witnessed an affair with Thad's half-sister, Alma. Thad also tends to homoerotic behavior, especially when it comes to the initiation rituals of the new players on the team. In the episode "The Golden Arm" comes out that he was injected before each game to improve its performance to rabies, as only "idiots" use steroids because it is detectable in doping tests.
  • Denise Roy (Gabrielle Dennis): Ever since high school, Denise is the girlfriend of Craig, and thus has "spent more than 8 percent of their lives with him" already. The former queen of the high school prom and showcase student of Blue Mountain State has a cold and calculating character. In addition, Denise, under the pretext of wanting to Craig lead to better results on the football refuses to sleep with him. Behind his back, however, she has a threesome with two other women and sleeping with a student from her marketing class. Total cheating Craig with 9 men and 5 women. Only Alex is able to see through it.
  • Mary Jo Cacciatore (Frankie Shaw): Mary Jo Cacciatore is the half-sister of Sammy Cacciatore who also studied at the Blue Mountain State since the second season. Because of their talents, they will receive a full scholarship, however, is immediately to the cheerleaders and spends her time mainly to the raucous parties in the "Goat House". They often tries to seduce Alex Moran, but always refused because she is the half-sister of his best friend Sammy Cacciatore.


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