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Who wants to study in the U.S. and has no money, is ill - unless he is a gifted footballer or great basketball player. For athletes in America are important flagships for the universities.

Teja Barkmann suffered from pronounced wanderlust. The 23-year-old had completed an apprenticeship as a banker in his hometown of pan-Eickelmann to school and civil service and was then quickly away as possible, best to study in the United States .

Just like he should do that which did not exactly Teja. For it was soon clear Tejas parents would not for flights, and maintenance fees for a study abroad may arise - after studying his two older siblings too. Tejas and academic achievements were good, but now yet not so overwhelming that he would have had chances of a high-flying scholarship. So Teja changed his mind on his sporting qualities.

Two-week football camp in Florida

He played football in the Federation League in SF Oestrich in Sauerland, hoping to maybe be able to do something. On the Internet, he came across the side of the German Agency Sports Scholarships, established the communication between young German and American athletes, college coaches. Teja immediately called. After a convincing athletic and academic resume was submitted, Sports Scholarships Director Philip Liedgens suggested him to log on to a two-week football camp in Florida, which would be attended by several American coaches varsity teams.


A good tip: From the stain away Teja received several offers from American college teams. He ultimately opted for the Berry College in Georgia, a very good private university in the southern U.S. with the third-best American college soccer team. There Teja studied now in its fifth semester of Business with concentrations in Finance and plays soccer for the university - supported by a full scholarship, covering the fees, room and board.

Study abroad, get money for it properly and to be able to do intensive practice sports - something better can an ambitious athlete does not actually happen. It Tejas story is not an isolated case. Philip Liedgens gives every year about 80 young German in the U.S. or Canada. There are college teams - unlike here - important flagships for universities and have generous budgets, professional trainers and especially talented athletes are paid with their help.

The American universities take good German player with kiss, especially if they take part in sports in which Americans have traditionally been rather weak. Provided, however, that the Germans have already passed the Abitur at baseline and completed several language tests. 29 sports can be supported through sports scholarships, but Liedgens conveys especially football players, volleyball players, athletes, swimmers and tennis players. "As a footballer you should play at least at the national league level, at the Tennis Association league, " says Liedgens. "In terms of basketball you would have to be ripe Bundesliga. Given that Americans themselves are too good."


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Best trainer certifications

2008-04-23 06:50:51 by Trainer1960

In my experience the best trained trainers have one of the following certifications:
American College of Sports Medicine ( Strength & Conditioning Assoc. ( Council on Exercise (ACE)
They all have varying "levels" of certification and pre-requisites. Clearly, a certification which requires you to study for 6 months take sereval muti-hoiur exams and then requires continuing education after certification is better than one that certifies you one in a weekend course and never requires you to do continuing ed again (there is one like this out there!)
Good luck,

Carbs & Protein

2008-05-26 18:56:30 by Arelem

I have read in several places that to maximize muscle R&R/building, after working out, its best to take in carbs and protein. One study I found from the American College of Sports Medicine's journal talked about taking 10g of protein and 7g of carbohydrates immediately after exercise proven to help increase lean muscle mass.
My question is about the nature of the protein and carbs. I've tried some the supplements aimed at weightlifters and they taste like crap. I did find Boost High Protein supplement and it tastes pretty good. Does anyone know if this is the kind of P&C that would fit the bill?

Assessing your options

2006-03-24 04:30:18 by thespotter

Allow me to congratulate you on your pasion for fitness.
Personal trainer certifications are offered through a number of national accredidation organisations. Study materials (which are generally included with your exam fee) and we be purchased through the websites of the various organisations. Here are a few of the better ones to choose from:
NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Assc.)
ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)
Offering a variety of certifications, each organisations specialises in something a bit different

Doctor that treats UW football players can now be your doc too  — KOMO News
.. the Eastside, Roosevelt, so we have a lot of locations," said Dr.

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Understanding Knee Pain Sports Injuries #2
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  • Avatar DreamBelievver What are all the majors in college?
    Sep 18, 2010 by DreamBelievver | Posted in Higher Education (University +)

    Are there like over 50? Can you at least name most of them please.

    • There are well over 50, possibly hundreds.
      Every school is different, and very very different.
      Here is a list of majors at Western Michigan University where I am going.

      Undergraduate Program …lth Services
      * Nursing
      * Occupational Therapy 3
      * Social Work
      * Speech Pathology and Audiology

      General University Studies

      * Undecided University Curriculum

  • Avatar Cory What jobs do sports management degrees have (no experience)?
    Aug 05, 2011 by Cory | Posted in Marketing & Sales

    List as many possible jobs that require bachelors in sports management with no experience needed

    • Obtaining a position in sports management depends on your education, experience, contacts and determination. A degree in sports management can give you the leeway to secure a position closely fitting your skills and pref …cilities and equipment assistant director, adult sports and facilities manager, aquatics coordinator and building supervisor.

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