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After Team USA routs Tunisia in Olympic basketball, LeBron James

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Sorry that this is not a political question..

2005-05-15 15:17:26 by jahronG

Has it been more difficult or easier to develop strong friendships with other African Americans past highschool? (job, college, social organization, e.t.c.)
What were your biggest roadblocks that you had to overcome? I haven't had the best an African American myself. I know, it's abnormal..we don't see ourselves as "needing any help on socialization". My co-workers who live in the HP can attest to that because they're often with their own the club, at the basketball court, movies, on vacations, e.t.c.
Everyone seems to have their own Ghetto Gentleman's Club, feel me? But I don't want to have a huge entourage of people who know me

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